Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Sarah!

I have a friend named Happy Sarah.

My mom gave her that name almost 15 years ago when we were sophomores in high school. Before that moment she was just known as Sarah to me.

We met when I moved from my small private school with 20 people in my class to the HUGE AND SCARY public high school chosen for me by zoning and a school board. Sarah was in my choir but she became my friend on a choir trip to Six Flags over Texas. I'm fairly sure we sat together on the bus and she was part of the group of friends that first exposed me to the music of Les Mis.

Sarah and I grew closer during the summer as we endured driver's ed together. The class was less than entertaining, but we both enjoyed Rolos during our breaks. I remember being invited by Sarah to join her and her family to see "Smokey Joe's Cafe" at the Dallas Summer Musicals. We dressed up and went out to eat before the show. Musicals and Rolos... not a bad way to begin a friendship.

We both drove beaters. Her car was powder blue and mine was silver. I have fond memories of both of us singing "My Heart Will Go On" from that powder blue car. School dances, choir concerts, plays, birthdays... totally memory lane moment for me right now. I'm sitting with a cheesy grin on my face remembering walking out of "My Best Friend's Wedding" and feeling like adulthood was forever away.

My mom gave her the name "Happy Sarah" because I knew several Sarahs that might call me on the phone... but THIS Sarah has the happiest phone voice. She still does to this day. I love talking to Sarah on the phone because she is a fabulous conversationalist. She has the best response to good news, the perfect amount of pauses, and the most inquisitive questions. She makes me feel valued in every conversation because my goodness, the woman forgets nothing!

Next week I will fly to the Lone Star State to watch Happy Sarah become Mrs. Happy Sarah. She's found her lobster and I couldn't be happier for her.

I missed my 10-year high school reunion... and so did Sarah, for that matter. She was here in Arizona, watching me get married. I'm so excited that her wedding is bringing about an 11-year reunion of sorts.

Cheers to the ever delightful, Happy Sarah... lover of ducks, cheese, cakes, travel, romantic comedies, good books, gardens, purple, a worthy man named Scott, and living life to the full! May your marriage bring you as much joy as you bring to the rest of the world, my friend!