Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Day

Last weekend at my dad's retirement luncheon I met several people who had heard a lot about our family, and in particular my siblings and I. (Of course.) (We're pretty famous.)

And I believe a few of them even read this blog! (Hi, Dad's co-workers!)

A sentiment that seemed to be echoed throughout the luncheon, particularly after they'd seen some of the creativity that my extended family posesses, was admiration for our family and the fun that we have, and some even joked that they wanted to join it!

It's so true: everyone wants to be a Morby! (Let's be honest here.) (Kidding, kidding!)

Seriously, though- we are blessed with a family that enjoys spending time with each other, teasing each other, and quoting "Murder By Death" together.

Last Sunday we got the chance to spend an entire uninterrupted day as a family, just the five of us, celebrating a joint Mother's/Father's Day where Ginger, Clay, and I planned a full day of food, fun, and (semi-) friendly competition.

I made a video of the day so you could all "join" the Morby family for a few minutes. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Is it cheating if I use my post to point you to a post my sister wrote on another site?

I didn't think so.

Y'all know Val is hilarious and entertaining. She has one of my favorite "voices" in written form. I feel like I'm having a conversation with her when I read her work. That's a rare gift and she has it in spades.

I asked Val to write a guest post for my other blog and she graciously obliged. Here's a snippet:

...The Bible says that we are ALL sinners (and yes that’s including you, Miss VBS) and ALL sin separates us from Him. So the fact that Christ has redeemed you from sins like picking on your little brother and cheating on your homework and being rude to your friends is no less magnificent than if the sins you needed to be redeemed from were adultery or murder! The fact that our Lord would come to this earth and die for each and every one of us most disgusting creatures is an absolute miracle! And the fact that He has done that for YOU makes your testimony the most flashy and firework-y and whiz-bang HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD celebration of a story that this earth ever did see!

Head HERE to read Val's letter to her 17-year-old self in its glorious entirity. Trust me... it's worth the click.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tooth in Hand

The Perfect Saturday

A run in the park followed by five hours at the pool with friends followed by dinner out followed by a movie followed by high-fiving a unicorn. Lather, rinse, repeat: this has been my last THREE Saturdays.


The day is MINE, Trebek!

Pop Quiz

This weekend will involve:

a. Hanging with my mom
b. Hanging with my sister
c. Hanging with my brother
d. Hanging with my dad
e. Hanging with my by myself ("Don't wanna be all by myseeeelf! Anymooooore!" Cue Bridget Jones-esque air drumming and foot kicking.)

If you guessed f, then ding ding ding! You have aced a made up quiz on a blog. Congratulations, award yourself the appropriate number of points you feel you deserve. OH ALL RIGHT- AND A GOLD STAR TOO.

One more question, though:

a. True

It does not, in fact, get much better than this.

My Great-Grandfather Was Ridiculously Awesome Story of the Day

One time Pappaw went to the doctor because his hand was infected. Do you want to know why? BECAUSE HE HAD PUNCHED A DUDE IN THE FACE AND THE OTHER GUY'S TOOTH WAS EMBEDDED IN PAPPAW'S HAND.

The End.

Summer Movie Round-Up (So far)
X-Men: First Class: C+
Super 8: A-

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lamesauce Letters

I burnt both of my hands pulling something out of the oven AGAIN this week. I had to capitalize that entire word because this is about the tenth time I've burn the tops of my hands on the roof of an oven. One would think I might get a clue and change my behavior, but I haven't. (At this point my sister, parents, and husband might be rolling their eyes.) The next logical response would then be to write complaint letters. (OBVIOUSLY.)

Dear recipes that call for cooking a pan on the stove and then placing said pan in the oven,
perhaps some people are talented enough to remember not to touch the metal handle of something that has been in a 400 degree oven... but I'm not one of them. The last time I needed to cook stuffed pork chops in this manner I told my husband that his one job was making sure I didn't burn myself. I grabbed that hot metal handle and scalded myself... twice. Stupid pork chops. LAME.

Dear Coffeemate Creamer,
I really like your product. I stay true to you and don't opt for other brands. You usually have the best coupons. But do you know what you don't have? A spill proof way of pouring. Creamer seeps out the top and down the sides no matter how careful I am! If I'm supposed to shake the bottle before using there will be creamer stuck up in the lid when I open and pour. LAME. Let's work on this.

Dear Campbell's Soup at Hand,
I faithfully drank (ew?) your product for almost a decade. Chicken and stars, wedding soup, taco blend... they all helped me through college, rehearsals, and long days at the office. Out of the hundreds of containers I opened I was never, ever, never, ever able to open and remove the metal lid without spraying at least some soup on me, the microwave, or the floor. LAME. There has to be a better way to package that product. If Apple can produce a new iPhone ever year, I think you can step up your game.
That's it... for now.
p.s. Don't worry. I'm still going to use all three of you. I'm just not going to do it smiling.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rhinestone Zumba

My Zumba instructor this evening? WAS MINDY RIGGINS. Except for the fact that Mindy doesn’t live here, she lives in Dillon.

And also she is fictional.

But that’s beside the point! Because don’t you see the ideal post-Landing Strip career for Mindy as a Zumba instructor? At a gym? I mean really. PLUS there was the fact that she moved with all sorts of flourishes and WINKS, not to mention the rhinestone-encrusted wrist cuff she danced in, and also the hot pink and black “Zumba” head band she sported over her dark blonde wavy hair.

I mean really.

So even though Javier wasn’t teaching tonight, I was sufficiently entertained, especially dancing to songs like “The Ballroom Blitz” and even a little “Diverse City,” not to mention the old Shakira and Beyonce standbys.

The only thing that could have sent the whole thing over the top would have been if the instructor had said Mindy's all-time Best Line Ever: "There's a fox in my henhouse and I don't like it." I don't know what the occasion would have been for her to say that in Zumba class, but I'm sure she's creative and could have come up with something. All she'd need to do is try.

(If you have no idea who Mindy Riggins is, all I can say is WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS” YET? I mean really.)

Sidenote: The Facebook Page I run for work hit 10,000 fans today! Ten. Thou. Sand. Ten thousand. You know what that is in Roman Numerals? MMMMMMMMMM.

What a tasty number.