Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Day

Last weekend at my dad's retirement luncheon I met several people who had heard a lot about our family, and in particular my siblings and I. (Of course.) (We're pretty famous.)

And I believe a few of them even read this blog! (Hi, Dad's co-workers!)

A sentiment that seemed to be echoed throughout the luncheon, particularly after they'd seen some of the creativity that my extended family posesses, was admiration for our family and the fun that we have, and some even joked that they wanted to join it!

It's so true: everyone wants to be a Morby! (Let's be honest here.) (Kidding, kidding!)

Seriously, though- we are blessed with a family that enjoys spending time with each other, teasing each other, and quoting "Murder By Death" together.

Last Sunday we got the chance to spend an entire uninterrupted day as a family, just the five of us, celebrating a joint Mother's/Father's Day where Ginger, Clay, and I planned a full day of food, fun, and (semi-) friendly competition.

I made a video of the day so you could all "join" the Morby family for a few minutes. Hope you enjoy!

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Ginger said...

The video was fabulous. :) Thanks for capturing the moment and sharing!!