Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creative to the Tivity.

I've been told that I'm creative.

I'm certainly not mathematical or precise.

I don't know how much originality I posses. I think I'm most creative at costume parties. I can rock a good homemade costume.

My sister and I used to perform for my mom and dad - sometimes dancing in dresses, oftentimes twirling, sometimes performing in endless skits.

For years my cousins and I would perform the Nativity story for all of the adults. I usually got to be Mary.

I loved pretending... playing house, library, grocery store, the Oregon trail. I loved creating stories.

You know what I think? I think that because make-believe and pretend were relegated to the playground, that a good chunk of creativity left me at 5th grade. All of that energy is still sitting in a field in Plano, Texas.

Also, my last creative writing class was in 6th grade. I haven't written fiction since then. I take that back. I haven't written and GOOD fiction since then. I struggled terribly in my play writing class during college. But improv? Throw me on a stage and give me a topic and I can keep going for days. I can talk.

I think I'm more comfortable on stage simply because I started in kindergarten and haven't stopped yet. Maybe if I'd continued writing creatively after 6th grade I might be working on a novel right now. I might feel comfortable with fiction.

I don't craft or sew or knit or refinish furniture. I don't paint or have a craft room. I don't know that I will ever have a beautiful garden or sew reusable diapers. I probably won't make my own camera bag.

But I'm okay with that.

Because YOU do enough for me. Just send me the link to your etsy account and I will do my best to creatively support you that way. Go. Fight. Create. :)


reneamac said...

"I'll probably never... and I'm okay with that." A good lesson for us all: there isn't just one way to be... creative, beautiful, masculine, feminine, smart... Diversity is God's way.

Claire said...

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shannonmichaelis said...

At least you weren't the donkey or King Herod!