Saturday, July 30, 2011


-When we took off on the plane yesterday, they guy next to me still had his ipod playing- but it was in his pocket. I couldn't tell if he was ignoring it or unaware. I seriously contemplated telling on him for a while. But I didn't.

-Is it appropriate for the person in the middle seat to straddle you while facing you- whilst maneuvering to get to their seat? (I didn't think so.)

-Don't set your coffee next to your laptop on your tiny tray table. You can't control the other passengers as they stumble towards the bathroom. You might get a lap of hot coffee.

-I bought the most expensive paperback book of fiction yesterday. I just handed it to the guy at the airport shop and then made my eyes pop out of my head when he said $17 dollars. I had already handed him my card... there was no going back. I feel like I shouldn't even open the book or dog-ear the pages.

-When I opened my suitcase this morning I realized that it doesn't matter how much deodorant you wear or how many showers you take. Camp laundry all smells nasty.

-I ate cereal for about 10 of my meals this week. I wasn't feeling camp cuisine. Still... I just had cereal for breakfast.

-I got to see my parents for about 3 hours last Saturday. I flew into Austin to speak at camp and my parents drove up from Houston just to take me to lunch. I love my parents.

-This week was exhausting, but it was the kind of exhausting that leaves you smiling and crying. I watched kids change. I watched Him change them.

-I just spellchecked this post and had spelled deodorant and cuisine incorectly. (Anyone else not surprised by that?)

-I need to go take clothes out of the dryer.

-I also need to be more exciting. But... today is not that day.



SKMorbys said...

We were going to give you the benefit of the doubt until you spelled incorrectly "incorectly." ;)
-mom & val

kim! said...

oh man. camp cuisine. I don't miss that... I lived on bread and cake for most of my summers working at camp. it was bad.