Friday, July 8, 2011

Brownies and Bumper Stickers

Things That Happened July 4th Weekend

  • Made brownies with olive oil when there was no vegetable oil to be found.*

  • Sat (and napped) on the beach for hours and hours. (And hours.) (AND HOURS.)

  • Helped launch a water balloon 100 feet to make contact with a jet ski and scare the living fireworks out of the two kids driving it.

  • Had to get a jump at a Shell station so I could drive to a Walmart 6 miles away to meet my Dad who helped me buy and install (okay, HE installed) a new battery in the blazing heat.

  • Spent the evening of the 4th watching the Power Rangers movie. Hey, there are fireworks in that cinematic masterpiece!
Bumper Sticker

Passed a car yesterday with a bright pink bumper sticker prominently affixed to the rear windshield. It read: "Pray for Mr. O / Psalm 109:8"

What does Psalm 109:8 say, you ask?

"Let his days be few; And let another take his office."


A G-Chat Conversation

Me: i have so much power
Kyle: you do edit the internet
Me: it's true
Me: the internet is my domain
Me: pun most DEFINITELY intended.
Kyle: i wouldn't expect anything less


My apartment mailbox is on the bottom row of boxes, and I have to bend down to look inside. Sometimes I just reach a hand inside to grab the mail without looking. What frequently happens, and what happened last night, is that I reach in optimistically, hoping to make contact with paper. Instead, my fingers just scrape the metal bottom of the box, and I am ruined.**


In the book I am currently reading, they have a party where everyone dresses up in costumes inspired by a TV show. Of course my mind starting wandering, and I couldn't help but imagine a "Gilmore Girls" costume party: someone in a Chilton uniform or a flannel shirt/baseball cap of course, but also maybe dressed as a pilgrim, Donna Reed, someone from "Pulp Fiction," a giant hot dog, a painting, a revolutionary war soldier, or Edgar Allan Poe. OR switch it up and wear a purple jogging suit, a metallica t-shirt, a Renaissance dress, or, my personal favorite, a pink T-shirt, jean cut-offs, cowboy boots, and a ponytail.

10 points and my eternal, undying respect if you got all of those references.

*No brownies were harmed in the making of these brownies.
**No I'm not; I'm just dramatic.


Rebekah said...

Gilmore Girls themed party is a GREAT idea! I'm only missing the purple jogging suit reference... (which is now driving me crazy!)

Emily said...

the jogging suit was also the only one lauren and i couldn't get- so we googled it. well done.

Valerie said...

The purple jogging suit is a bit more obscure, so don't worry about missing it! It's from the season 3 episode "Face-Off."

EMILY: When I came home today, I walked in and I saw her standing in the living room kissing a man.
LORELAI: My Gran was kissing a man?
EMILY: In a purple velour jogging suit.
LORELAI: Gran was in a purple velour jogging suit?
EMILY: No, the man was wearing a purple jogging suit.

shannonmichaelis said...

Olive oil and brownies - not sure I want to try that one!