Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Val and I have a brother. His name is Clay. He will never ever read this unless someone pulls it up on a computer and marches him over and makes him sit down in front of it. That's ok.

Today Clay turns 23. I remember when he was small enough for me to pick up when my mom turned her back.

I remember when he was finally old enough to attend the camp where I worked. I beamed with pride, even when he threw up during a skit.

And now he's taller than me, finishing up school, and making us all laugh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you Clayboy. :)


Haley said...

We call my brother, Clay, Clayboy too! or the occasional Claybee.

Haley said...

oh and your clay and I went the same week to camp and I totally remember him puking during the skit. haha.

SKMorbys said...


Ginger said...

@Haley - of COURSE you call him Clayboy. Love that you were at camp for the milk and the chicken tetherball! :)