Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lin-Manuel Shouldn't Win The Tony

Scattered thoughts on the Tony Awards slash the current Broadway season. Way more than you want to read, but you should anyway. Because reasons. Let's go!!!!

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of my favorite people. "Hamilton" is the best piece of theater I've ever seen in my life, hands down. He should win every single creative Tony award he's up for, from score to book and everything in between. He's created an AMAZING piece of art, and what he's done deserves all the acclaim it's received.

    BUT. I don't think he should win the Tony for Best Actor. He's bested in this category by Leslie Odom Jr., who consistently stops the show as Hamilton's foil, Aaron Burr. Odom's voice is out of this world, and he's just a very skilled performer. Lin would be the first person to tell you that his voice is not as strong as some of his co-stars, and I just don't think he deserves to win in this category. But he will, because the Tony voters can't not give it to him. I mean, he wrote the thing! They'll probably check his name every time his name comes up on the ballot. And every other time, he totally deserves it. But in the Lead Actor in a Musical category? Lin-Manuel shouldn't win the Tony.

  • It's no secret that I'm a big fan of "Hamilton." I love that so many people who wouldn't normally be musical fans are head over heels for a Broadway show. I just hope that the audience "Hamilton" brings to the Tonys on Sunday night will take note of the many other wonderful productions currently on Broadway! "Hamilton" is being hailed as a gateway to Broadway. I just hope people will actually walk through it!

  • The person I'm rooting for the MOST? Daveed Diggs. I want him to win more than I've wanted any one person or show to win a Tony since I was pulling for "Newsies" back in aught twelve.(Gives the side-eye to "Once.") Anyway, Daveed is an incredibly magnetic performer. This is his FIRST theater experience (not just Broadway), and he NAILS IT. He's hilarious, he raps faster than anyone else (he spits 19 words in three seconds), and he masterfully takes on two incredibly disparate characters: Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. I could watch him perform all day!

    Also it doesn't hurt that he is super attractive.

  • Did you know that Danny Burstein, up for the same award as Manuel and Odom, has been nominated for a Tony a total of FIVE times now? And he's never won. Any other year and his acclaimed role of Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" would probably be awarded with the spinning trophy. Too bad "Fiddler" had the unfortunate timing to open in the same season as "Hamilton." He'll soon be in the company of Broadway soprano Kelli O'Hara, who was nominated five times before her sixth time out finally netted her the long-deserved award. Let's just hope Burstein also strikes gold in his next role!

  • Laura Benanti won't win, but that's okay. She's already won once before, and she's definitely won the heart of the internet, with brilliant and HILARIOUS videos like this and this being consistently released! 

  • You know who might win in her category? Not the "Hamilton" actor, shockingly enough. But I really think Cynthia Erivo might win this one! She's supposed to be phenomenal in "The Color Purple."

  • Alex Brightman is super fun to follow on social media. He just seems like a really cool person! It's no wonder he's been getting rave reviews for his role in "School of Rock." (Also: Dude runs the equivalent of 3.5 miles EVERY SHOW! Whaaaaaaat!) This isn't his year to win, but I'm hopeful that he'll take home the big prize another year!

  • "Shuffle Along, or, the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed," you guys. This same I've got to experience this show, I need to know what everyone is talking about feeling I have about it is exactly how I felt about "Hamilton" a year ago. (Fun fact: "Shuffle Along" producers submitted the show to the Tony committee as a revival, since it's based on a 1920's show of a similar name, in order to get out of the way of "Hamilton." No such luck -- the show was ruled an original musical.)

  • Audra McDonald, Billy Porter, and Brian Stokes Mitchell ALL IN ONE MUSICAL ("Shuffle Along"). It's almost too much for me!!! I mean, Audra is the QUEEN and it would thrill my heart to no end to get to see her in this.  Billy Porter gave one of my most favorite Tony acceptance speeches of all time, and it never fails to make me tear up! And Brian Stokes Mitchell's voice pours out of him and just makes your heart soar. Between Sarah Brown Eyes and This Nearly Was Mine, this man is just the ultimate Broadway singer.

  • Savion Glover, of "Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk" (and Sesame Street!) fame, choreographed "Shuffle Along," is going up against Andy Blankenbuehler, whom I love. This will be a tough category.

  • I love Megan Hilty. I hope she wins. 

  • "Waitress" seems like a magical musical. It certainly has a magical cast album! Check it out if you've not had a chance to listen to it yet. It has some beautiful (and funny!) songs composed by Sara Bareilles.

  • RIP but props to "Tuck Everlasting," "American Psycho," and "Dames at Sea," who have already closed their doors after short runs, but still received at least one Tony nomination! You go, Glen Coco.
Here I am with all of my Tony-nominated pals at the top of the Empire State Building yesterday! Wow, what a crew. Thanks again, guys! I'm so glad we're all best friends forever!

The Tony Awards will air Sunday at 7 on CBS. Don't miss it!