Monday, June 6, 2011

Rhinestone Zumba

My Zumba instructor this evening? WAS MINDY RIGGINS. Except for the fact that Mindy doesn’t live here, she lives in Dillon.

And also she is fictional.

But that’s beside the point! Because don’t you see the ideal post-Landing Strip career for Mindy as a Zumba instructor? At a gym? I mean really. PLUS there was the fact that she moved with all sorts of flourishes and WINKS, not to mention the rhinestone-encrusted wrist cuff she danced in, and also the hot pink and black “Zumba” head band she sported over her dark blonde wavy hair.

I mean really.

So even though Javier wasn’t teaching tonight, I was sufficiently entertained, especially dancing to songs like “The Ballroom Blitz” and even a little “Diverse City,” not to mention the old Shakira and Beyonce standbys.

The only thing that could have sent the whole thing over the top would have been if the instructor had said Mindy's all-time Best Line Ever: "There's a fox in my henhouse and I don't like it." I don't know what the occasion would have been for her to say that in Zumba class, but I'm sure she's creative and could have come up with something. All she'd need to do is try.

(If you have no idea who Mindy Riggins is, all I can say is WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS” YET? I mean really.)

Sidenote: The Facebook Page I run for work hit 10,000 fans today! Ten. Thou. Sand. Ten thousand. You know what that is in Roman Numerals? MMMMMMMMMM.

What a tasty number.


reneamac said...

This was hi.lar.i.ous. I'm getting strange looks from innocent bystanders for my poorly controlled chuckling.

Ginger said...

I totally snorted. Oh Mindy.

SKMorbys said...

And I guffawed... that's a very, loud and unattracted sound that takes the form of laughter. :D

~lady j said...

LOL I am so happy this happened and so sad I was not there to witness it myself, hehehe!

shannonmichaelis said...

Don't know who Mindy is...gasp!

10,0000 - wowsers! MMMMMMMMMM - hilarious!

This post really made me laugh!

Amanda said...

I love you so much...and I love reading your stories and being able to "hear" you telling them in my head.

Wish I could be there to do Zumba with you!