Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Is it cheating if I use my post to point you to a post my sister wrote on another site?

I didn't think so.

Y'all know Val is hilarious and entertaining. She has one of my favorite "voices" in written form. I feel like I'm having a conversation with her when I read her work. That's a rare gift and she has it in spades.

I asked Val to write a guest post for my other blog and she graciously obliged. Here's a snippet:

...The Bible says that we are ALL sinners (and yes that’s including you, Miss VBS) and ALL sin separates us from Him. So the fact that Christ has redeemed you from sins like picking on your little brother and cheating on your homework and being rude to your friends is no less magnificent than if the sins you needed to be redeemed from were adultery or murder! The fact that our Lord would come to this earth and die for each and every one of us most disgusting creatures is an absolute miracle! And the fact that He has done that for YOU makes your testimony the most flashy and firework-y and whiz-bang HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD celebration of a story that this earth ever did see!

Head HERE to read Val's letter to her 17-year-old self in its glorious entirity. Trust me... it's worth the click.

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