Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tour De Tejas

We arrived at the airport on April 1st only to discover our flight was delayed and that we wouldn't be arriving in Texas until after 2:00am. Awesome. I can honestly say that was the worst part of the entire 9 day trip! D and I were so blessed to be able to have this time together and with family and friends. The Final Four brought us to Texas but then we spent the week exploring and eating in the southwest part of the state.

Sporting our Texas and Ohio State gear at the championship game. Heartbreak for Butler, but a chance for us to check something off of our bucket list. Thanks again, Dad!

Meet up #1: The Houston Zoo with the Bates family!

The boys had a great time touring the zoo together. Isn't Cooper the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Enjoying our turn around the carousel.

Meet up #2: Houston Family. Val and I are lucky to have lots of family in Texas. My folks invited the crew over for dinner. Note the serious game of monster trucks being enjoyed by the cousins.

With Shani!

Meet up #3: Houston Grandparents! Val, D and I were treated to some Cajun Seafood and great conversations about Geraldo Rivera. Did you know his real name is Gerald?

Meet up #4: Whitney! Whitney drove in straight from teaching to join us for the Tyler cousin dinner. We have great taste, obviously, as we were sporting the same shirt. Does everyone have this Target t-shirt?

Meet up #5: Pine Cove peeps at Andy's Frozen Custard. (Noting the food theme, are you?) We crammed seeing as many people as we could while we were in Tyler and STILL missed a ton of great food... err... people.

Meet up #6: Tyler Grandparents! Breakfast casserole, long walks, and financial discussions... what more could you ask for?

Meet up #7: Elise and baby Daniel! Talk about a drive-thru meeting. We loved getting to meet the newest addition to the family while in Waco for a few hours.

Meet up #8: Waco Family. The Smiths and George's go hand in hand! We were so lucky to steal a few hours with my aunt and uncle and have my sleep-deprived cousin, Aaron (daddy to Daniel) stop by.

Meet up #9: Becca! David had never been to Austin before so I knew that this would need to be a large portion of our trip. Becca was a fabulous hostess and took us all around town - hiking, eating, and more eating.
No trip to Austin is complete without a visit to The Salt Lick.

Per usual, we cannot take a serious picture. After entering our meat comas we spent the evening playing dominoes on the outside patio.

Breakfast at Round Rock Donuts. I told you, we are serious about food.

I've mentioned Friday Night Lights before. Umm... we couldn't be in the area of where it was filmed and NOT stop by some FNL locations. (D as Coach Taylor...)

Clear eyes, full hearts...

Texas Bluebonnets

And one last night in Houston with the folks before we flew back to Phoenix. Games, a musical, and more food. My parents speak my love language!

We came, we saw, we ate.


jordy liz said...

this makes me so jealous.

where was FNL filmed?? i am going to add it to our next texas trip itinerary.

hootenannie said...


Also: what an amazingly full trip you guys had!

Anonymous said...

All we do when we go to Texas is eat. Well played.

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the play-by-play - bet you guys were exhausted when you were done! So glad I got to see you for part of it. If you ever get around to it, can you send a few of the pix from your parents' house? So that I can blog about it come July? :-)

worldamazingfacts said...

humm nice photoes & her smile is too good ...