Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th of July

The rule is that you can still write about the 4th of July as long as it's still technically July, right? Okay, awesome.

So usually I head to the beach house in Galveston with the family for Independence Day every year. I was bummed that it wasn't going to happen this summer, but my day in East Texas ended up being pretty perfect!

First of all, I took the day off and slept in until 10. HOLLA, y'all.

Second, I met up with Emily, Lacey, and Lori at Stanley's BBQ, a local favorite. As you can see, it was pretty epic.
Pictured: epicness. You need to go to there.

Lori with the famous Baby Wade

Lace is intimidated by her giant/delicious baked potato

Awwwww yeah

She is happiest when eating barbecue.

From there we headed back to my apartment for some serious pool time. Which included lots of talking, reading magazines, and sipping on sophisticated beverages.

This is how we roll.

We spent our evening with a group at Lori's house, eating way too much and looking way too cute, or at least I think so.
I mean, back me up here.

Future roommates! More on that to come...

Fireworks to wrap up the evening?

Boom. Shaka laka.
Even better: these are the fireworks from one of the best movies of all time,  THE SANDLOT.

Yeah yeah!
God bless America.

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