Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stich Fix #2

Howdy strangers. I'm writing a quick post to:

1) Reassure you that I'm not dead and still capable of producing content on this blog. (Sorry, Val!)
2) Share my latest fun find on the interwebs.

Sometime last fall I noticed several friends on Facebook posting about their Stitch Fix. I was intrigued so I googled, read, and decided that perhaps I might give this whole personal shopper idea a whirl. I don't have the energy to shop. This is not a "new mom" lament. Even before I had kids, I was not one to thrill at the idea of spending a day looking for or trying on clothing. I get bored in about 2 hours. That's my limit. So when I discovered Stitch Fix I was sold. Here's my interpretation of the Stitch Fix Basics:

1. Create your style profile.

2. Pay $20 styling fee toward your box. (You can use toward your final order – any of the 5 products you keep!)

3. Schedule your box.

4. Open you box and try on the clothes. Take awkward selfies in mirrors and send the pic to your friends and family members. (Each item also comes with styling tips on how to best wear the products.)

5. Once the box arrives you have 3 days to decide what you are keeping and what you are returning. The returns are all free and super easy: drop the prepaid envelope in any USPS box.

I blogged about my first box over on my other website. Check out this link to see how my first box was a win.

One of the perks about sharing your Stitch Fix experience is that other just might click on that referral link. Three kind souls ordered their boxes through my link and in turn, gifted me a nice little credit. Since I kept a dress during my first fix, I was determined to find some bright spring tops in this second box.

I really liked everything in my box. I received 5 items ranging in price from $42 up to $78. If I had kept everything in the box I would have received a nice bonus discount off the grand total. But at the end of the day (after sending pics of myself to friends/family and getting feedback) I only kept one item. I do not consider this a failure at all! I kept the top that was the #1 pick. My styling fee and the shirt were both covered by the credit and I still have enough left over to try out another box. I call that a big win, folks.

Here's what came in box #2.

Everything but the coral top had mixed reviews. Some loved the chevron puffed sleeve number. A few actually hated it. Since I was on the fence, I let it go. I would have ranked the items in the following way: Coral top, pink skirt, chevron top, blue skinnies, printed top. The rankings included fit, how often I could/would wear, how I felt, and then the opinions of my peeps. Had I really loved the chevron I would have kept it.

(Don't worry, I wouldn't have actually paired the pink skirt with either of the top combos, I was just grabbing stuff and taking pics as quickly as I could.)

So there you go. Yet another fun experience and a fabulous coral top as my prize. Thumbs up from this gal.

For box #3 I will
1. Not take awkward selfies in the bathroom.
2. Update my sizes again.
3. Ask for one item totally outside of my comfort zone.

Cool beans.

The credit I mentioned? You were thinking of trying Stitch Fix? Why don't you sign up for Stitch Fix using this link? Awesome.  (OR use this referral code: 3310293). Lovely, right? That’s what I thought.


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