Thursday, October 11, 2007


I've found the best skim milk in the world. I know the comic strip doesn't exactly talk about milk, but when I think about breakfast I think cereal, milk, and the funnies - which include my favorite comic strip..."Rhymes with Orange" - which happens to have had this strip that made me laugh because I buy Breakfast Blend Coffee...which I drink in the morning...sometimes with breakfast.
Why is milk (fat-free plus) produced by Shamrock Farms the best skim milk ever?
1. The skim milk has no fat and yet tastes like a higher percent.
2. It expires close to 2 months after you buy it. My current half-gallon does not expire until DECEMBER! That's right. No more smelling, guessing, and fearing the expiration label.
jerry seinfeld...
How do they know that that is the definite exact day? You know they don't say like it's in the vicinity, give or take, roughly, they brand it right in the side of the cart! That's your day right there! Oh don't mess with us, we know what day is the final day! and then it is sooo over. Maybe cows tip them off when they are milking them? "July third"...

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