Monday, October 29, 2007


Among other things "we're the result of what was done for us or to us by our parents." I think that quote is by Lucy Swindoll, although I'm pretty sure anyone could have written it.

My parents were in for the weekend and it was amazing to see how much we all respond to certain things in the same way, especially any irritants - although we each responded to varying degrees. On our hike, we repeatedly worked hard to keep our distance from really chatty groups, and the chatty groups seemed to keep finding us along the trail. I don't know why we need distance from the other people while on a hike, we just do.

As I stood on my steps and produced the "Benny Hill Salute" to send my parents off the the airport, (something my mom's side of the family has always done, or at least for as long as I can remember) I started thinking through all of the interests and pet peeves that I have picked up from my family, or hold to as a result of the nature/nurture aspect.

I am the result of a house with classical music, The Three Stooges, theatre tickets, and baseball games. The radio was changed with gusto if country, rap, r&b, saxophone solos, easy listening jazz, or new age music hit the speakers in the car. Both of my parents are not afraid to send a meal back at a restaurant, and drivers who do not enter the freeway at an appropriate speed had better watch out.

We spent Advent around a wreath and Easter at the Cha-Cha church. And because we love each other, we take turns sharing at the dinner table everything that drives us crazy about the person to our left. I can't wait to go home at Thanksgiving and enjoy something other than Turkey.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I'm working on the turkey substitute! -m.