Monday, December 17, 2007

The Trail That Led Them Here

One of the smartest things we ever did in creating this blog was to install a counter that collects information about who visits the site and how they get here. I find endless entertainment in reading what people searched for that led them to Saltwater Coke. Here are a few of my favorite keywords:

fisher and pickle magna doodle (Huh?)
little drummer boy orphan annie (How do these go together?)
why some people are always single (This one is depressing.)
side ponytail 90s (No. Not okay.)
turkey a la key recipe (Do they mean 'a la king?')
sara troll (Is this... someone's name?)
ginger for canker sores (Ginger, do you heal people's canker sores?)
small bathroom in closet (Huh?)
high school awful (Why would you search for this?)
jenna fischer horse scene (Not sure I even want to know)
coming up with names for wow (Actually i think "wow" is a very good name already)
what does little orphan annie look like today (Why would someone need to know this?)
stacy london overalls (I don't think Stacy London would appreciate being associated with overalls. At all)
how do you spell kaki? (The pants khaki, or my cousin Kaki?)
skim milk vs 2% expiration (No idea how they found our blog with this one)
she reminds me the accident (Again, how is this associated with us?)
apple head doll caveman (I just....what?)
Here's to hoping that people continue to Google odd/weird/trippy phrases, and most importantly, that they continue to be directed to our little blog.

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