Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know, I've taken a dreadfully long while to post. Mom flew in last Wednesday evening and I've spent all of the big holidays trekking around the area like sight-seers.

We had a great time shopping, hiking, eating (woo hoo!), and playing speed scrabble. If you are not currently addicted to the game, I can guarantee that it's only a matter of time. The most entertaining sight of the entire weekend? I'm going to go with the 20 unicyclists we passed on our hike Saturday morning. I always thought the fools on bicycles were crazy, but we for sure gave these guys the right of way. I'm now choosing to let photographs finish off the rest of this post for me.

Trying to beat the timer...

A fairly uneventful intersection.

I don't know which portion of the photograph is my favorite. Perhaps the metallic cacti?

Giant boot. Big spur. Small mom. The end.

What is with Arizona and the joy of brand new dead things?

Thanks again for coming Mom! Much love...


Anonymous said...

I'm missing it all already!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Ging, you are gorgeous! (as is your cute mom!) Miss you tons!