Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sometimes at work I laugh at things that no one else finds funny and I realize everyone is just shaking their heads at the crazy girl, so I just put my head down on my desk and sigh. And laugh a little more.

My office area is typically freezing. As in “sit on your hands so you can start feeling them again” cold. I have friends in another section of the building where it is typically uncomfortably warm. As in “What is this, Arizona?” hot. There is nowhere that seems to be a happy medium. We’re expecting the three bears back any day now….

My friend Stephanie totally thinks I work for Dunder-Mifflin. Reasons: a nearly all day health insurance talk, office olympics, a mouse loose (mouse...bat... close enough!) in our hallways, Lake Day, staff Christmas party…. And probably a lot more.

I don't have an actual office with a door that closes. I'm not in a cubicle, though, I'm in the middle of our marketing department suite. So does this mean I don't have an office? Or does it mean I have the BIGGEST office.... Just something to think about.

Because of the location of my desk, a lot of people think that I am the marketing receptionist, and therefore must know where all of my co-workers are at all times. As cute as Pam Beasley is, I am not her. I am not my colleagues' keeper.

About ten minutes of my commute to work involves driving down a little tiny two-lane country road. There are lots of trees, lakes, and trailers that line this lovely little lane (alliteration...WIN!). I have also seen plenty of deer crossing the road in the morning (crazy cool), as well as animals who didn't quite make it all the way across (plenty of possums, raccoons, and unidentified furry objects). In addition, I see PLENTY of freakishly slow drivers, but that's another entry for another day....

I had a terrifically awful headache today. And it’s been coming back in waves tonight. I think the seven dwarves must be up there mining for diamonds in my brain.

One of these days I will send a copy of one of these emails about cleaning out the breakroom fridge (or a picture of the PICTURE on the fridge of some of the gross food) to Passive-Aggressive Notes. Keep an eye out.

I roll my eyes a lot, and unfortunately this includes while at work. With my eyes closed, while walking down the hall, even while remembering something that happened earlier in the day-- though hopefully not where anyone can see me.


Ginger said...

This brought me many tidings of much joy.

Katie said...

You are hilarious, dear friend. Besides, you're cuter than Pam.

Anonymous said...

You are a goot, goot writer!!