Monday, December 7, 2009


When Lara went to England for eight months, we agreed that neither of us would watch our beloved “A Goofy Movie” until we were reunited again. Sometime while she was gone, though, I found myself holding the DVD case and contemplating the cover art.

“Do you think it would be cheating for me to just, like, watch the trailer?” I asked my friend David.

He considered for a moment. “I don’t think it would be cheating. I just think it would be like if you had a boyfriend and hugged another guy for a little bit too long.”


Once late at night, my college roommates and I realized that both of the bathrooms were out of toilet paper. Not wanting to go to the store so late, we discussed our options. Someone suggested we just pee in our backyard until we could replenish our supply. There was a beat, and then Kisha snapped us out of it.

“Guys,” she deadpanned. “If we peed outside, we would still not have toilet paper!”

I think we laughed for about five days after that one.


Sitting in our boring Literature for Children class one day, Lara and I took a break from our regular note-passing when we noticed our fellow classmates were squealing and screaming at something at the front of the room. Apparently there was a particularly large spider crawling across our professor’s desk, and none of the girls in the class would go near it. Finally, one popped up, dashed to the desk, and dispensed of the spider. The room was quiet with awe, until Lara broke the silence by meekly yelling out, “Bravery!”


I hoodwinked the group into watching yet another movie- this time “High School Musical.”

At one point in the movie, a heartfelt Troy Bolton asks, “Have you ever felt like there’s this whole other person inside of you, just waiting to get out?”

“Yeah,” David responded. “It’s called being pregnant."


And these are a few of my favorite funny moments from college.


Lara said...

Oh, how I miss it all! From you making everyone watch HSM to us drawing Marmadukes in class. College was grand, indeed.

PS Let's get together and watch A Goofy Movie soon, eh?

David and Stephanie said...

Man, I am hilarious

Katie said...

I miss it all, too. And remember when Kisha dressed up as a pregnant woman for our Oscars party? It wasn't quite another person inside of her, but it was pretty funny.

dc said...

This made me happy.

And yes, David, you are. ;)

~lady j said...

i laughed out loud at the toilet paper one. as usual.

and while i was typing this comment, my mind automatically went to "Britney Spears already had that ol' knothead baby..." and laughed out loud once thinking about it, then again while typing it.

love you. :)