Monday, January 25, 2010

What Happens When You Just Start Typing

I’m not afraid to admit that “The Bachelor” is one of the highlights of my Monday. (Okay, FINE. It’s THE highlight. Happy?) I just can’t! Stop! Watching! It’s ridiculous, but also wonderful. More than anything, this show teaches me how NOT to behave. Because holy honey mustard on a cracker are these people inane.

I got Joey and Sam’s wedding invitation in the mail today! I am so. Excited. And cannot WAIT to go to Austin and hang with the posse! March 20 cannot come soon enough.

It makes me really sad that I don’t get the Fox Business channel. This means I can’t watch John Stossel! I have to settle for reading his BLOG, which is definitely not as good because the phrase “Give me a break” is infinitely better when Stossel says it out loud versus when he types it. Ugh.

I still have not seen Avatar. I definitely need to see Avatar. (And let’s make it clear that this is definitely more “need” than “want.”) But I just have to see it on the big screen before it goes away! It’s too much of a cinematic event. But by now just about everybody has already seen it! To quote Clue, “Won’t anyone go with me?”

Okay, first of all: why is there an entire program about chocolate on TLC? The World Championship of CHOCOLATE? That’s just…why would they do that to us? Second of all, and perhaps more importantly: why did I watch it while getting ready to go to the gym? Yeah, I frequently have TOTALLY AWESOME ideas like that.

My cousin and my brother came by for a little N64 and SAG Award (What? Who doesn’t love awards shows??) fun on Saturday. And apparently the night before they had been out at our family’s land in the boonies making a fire and doing who knows what else. My brother OF COURSE wore the same jeans over to my apartment. Now my couch smells like it’s been sucking on the business end of a barbecue grill.


joanna said...

I haven't seen Avatar yet. I'll go with you. :) This weekend?

Amanda said...

I'll go with you! Just wait a while...K?

I *Heart* YOU!

and thats NOBODY else but Y-O-U.

dc said...

Since I've now had the honor of actually standing in your adorable apartment, I can imagine you watching the Bachelor and then chocolate insanity and standing around in your gym clothes looking cute and maybe even, if I think hard enough, your poor couch being in love with a grill. Which made me laugh out loud.

Lauren said...

OK, just one thing.


We don't actually have TV, so I watch The Bachelor on Hulu in the middle of the night. And there I was, sitting alone in the dark, trying not to wake the dog up with my embarrassing addiction to the show... and my jaw just dropped. I couldn't believe it.

Why, Jakey, why?

Lara said...

You DO need to see Avatar. No DVD/non-3D will do. Daniela finally saw it against her will yesterday and LOVED it. So you should, too, VBaby.