Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changes, changes everywhere...

1. I started P90X on Monday. Sometimes he's a snide little man... isn't he?

2. We are down to 158 days until the wedding. I wish it was sooner, truth be told. But I'm sure this will be just fine.
3. Dress - check. Venue - check. Date - check. Photographer - check. Not having a wedding cake - CHECK. Ooh... what's that tradition? I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the gelato bar.
4. I've led a small group of girls from a local high school for the past two years and this coming Monday will be the last meeting. I'm mourning the loss but excited for the new opportunities that will come with the fall.
5. My Wednesday night small group will end in two weeks. I leave that place every Wednesday night saying, "Why do they even come? But thank you, God. Thank you for the Ragamuffins. Thank you for entrusting them to me."
6. Lost is ending. 11 more days and then it is all over. Our group is trying to decide what to do with ourselves. Get together at 3:00 am to watch World Cup Games over the summer?
7. It has been in the glorious 80 degree temps this week. It all goes out the window next week. Hello triple digits... back so soon?
8. Mom came to visit this past weekend and do a fast and furious run-through of wedding events. I tried on the dress, she saw the place, we shopped for over-priced flowers and invitations. She met D's family... and Mom saw all that had been accomplished and it was good.
9. Dad and I are trying to pick out a string quartet and the music they will be playing. Any suggestions are welcome. The selections are strikingly boring. I'm steering clear of Baroque stuffy and I don't want anything that's been played in a romantic comedy. Ready? And.... BREAK.
10. The girl's conference... the one I planned for years and prayed for for months? It was wonderful. God moved. Girls connected. Walls came down. He was in it all. I want to do this full time... as in always. Anyone with connections please feel free to pass them my way. This is one of those hopes that has become so monstrous that I don't think I can hide it on the inside anymore. I want to write and speak to young women full time. The dreaming will now commence on overdrive.

I should be in bed. The dang P90X will be calling my name in just a few short hours.


Anonymous said...

P90X??? Explain please... -m

Ginger said...

P90X = video workout.

Sarah said...

Matt & I have 3 1/2 weeks left on P90X! It's been hard, but good! When it's done... we plan to start again... yeah! =}

Oh, and I wouldn't describe him as "little"! :)

Prosso said...

Get the strings to play any Explosions in the Sky song. Try Your Hand in Mine. It'll work. I promise you.

Darcie said...

Gelato bar? Sign me up. Forget tradition.