Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm turning into my dad.

-I made my sandwich and prepared the coffee pot Thursday evening before I went to bed.
-I went running at 6:00am on Friday morning.
-I then proceeded to get ready for work while listening to Mozart.
-I listened to NPR on the way to work.
-I drank coffee on the way to work.
-I worked a half day on Friday.
-I rolled my eyes when the DJ company suggested slow jazz for background music during my reception.
-I can't just watch t.v.- I have to be doing SOMETHING.

Don't even let me get started with mom...


Julia said...

Ginger...You are so funny! Let's just say the "dad" in our family is very, very tight with the $$. It is funny to me when I his tightness/budget mindedness show up in his adult children. Where was that on Prom Night? ha

It means you are officially an adult. And that's exciting.

Hope the plans are coming along nicely....Julia

Anonymous said...

enjoyed poor thing, making sandwiches the night before...your Dad sounds like a real dork

Lauren said...

Ha! Oh goodness, my husband says that when he decided to marry me, he knew he was really marrying my mom because we are so much alike. Lucky for me (and him), he really likes my mom.