Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Using My Daily Allotment of Exclamation Points All in One Place

By this time tomorrow, I will be IN PHOENIX.



And I am SO EXCITED!!1!!!!1eleven

I am unbelievably happy that the trip is finally here! And I am so ecstatic for GINGER! GAH! MARRIAGE!!! WEDDING! FAMILY!! FRIENDS!!!

This is going to be. So much fun.

The wedding and trip have been taking up more and more of my brain power the closer it has gotten. At work it’s all—internety stuff! weddingweddingwedding Meetings! weddingweddingwedding Big emails! weddingweddingwedding WEDDING!!!!

I’ve been on the phone with the bride nearly every day, and with my mom SEVERAL times a day. I’ve been in constant communication with other bridesmaids and friends flying in. Joey even helped me Facebook-stalk the best man so I could send him a message! ZING!

Even as you read this blog entry, I am on the first leg of the trip,* driving to Houston and staying the night with my parents, so that in the morning the three of us can hit the airport and actually get to Phoenix!!!!

*(Thank you, blog scheduling gnomes, for making this blog possible.)

Ginger's getting married.




See you on the other side….


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