Thursday, November 25, 2010


This year, I am extremely thankful for:

The changing fall colors of East Texas. It really has been more breathtaking than usual this year, and I've been trying to soak in all of this natural beauty!

Good water pressure in my shower at my apartment. Seriously, not matter where I go, I can find no other shower that can come close to the fire hose-like tendencies of mine at home. Talk about blessings!

A group of friends that not only agreed to spend their Monday nights watching episodes of "Veronica Mars" bit by bit, but also genuinely enjoy it. I don't take their agreeable natures or their laughter as we watch the show for granted! This group makes Mondays all the more bearable.

V8 Fruit Fusion, because how else would I get soooo many of my fruits and veggies? Certain flavors are actually really tasty- I'm lookin' at you, Peach Mango.

A job that means something, where I do something that I'm really enjoying learning about that is a truly enviable job skill. AND I get to work with a bunch of my friends. AND I have my own office. AND I get to run our company Facebook Page! Can I get a holla?

My tall brown clogs that go with everything and look especially fantastic with a pair of jeans. And they've got quite a lift to them as well- you know, for when 5'8" just isn't tall enough.

Family, OF COURSE-- what else could I end with? Seriously though, I never tire of laughing with my entire family, and couldn't imagine being part of one that I didn't genuinely enjoy being around. We have good times. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Friends!