Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey so this one time yesterday I got an iPhone.

I KNOW. Finally. In fact, one of the first texts I received upon getting the iPhone welcomed me to the 21st century. A-hem.

I am still a bit overwhelmed by... everything, including the garganuanly huge number of apps currently available. (Speaking of-- do you have a favorite? I want to know!)

A great way to avoid getting overwhelmed in said app store is to pretend apps don't exist, and instead spend all available time playing with Instagram. Somebody get me an ironic scarf and some thick rimmed glasses- I am now one step closer to being a hipster.

You didn't really want anything more out of this blog than to watch me document mundane details of my evening, did you? Okay, good. Because it is now time for INSTAGRAMANIA!!!

Driving home from work. (I was into driving when it was still underground.)

My grandparents' house is too mainstream for me now:

Grandma made Tostados for dinner! You've probably never heard of it.

Me, five minutes ago, wondering when my Hipster Membership Card will arrive.

Okay, I am SO over blogging.


Ginger said...

I'm so over being jealous about your iPhone. ;)

Alexander said...
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shannonmichaelis said...

I am an instagrammer. Like the Hipster!

becca harris said...

Sounds like you are ready to move to Austin.
Top iPhone Apps for me:
1. Bible (had to put that as number one you know)
2. Goggle app
3. Evernote
4. Micoach
5. Words w/ friends
6. Around me
7. Amazon
8. Skype
9. Words w/ friends
10. Nike Training Club
11. Angry Birds
12. Fruit Ninja
13. Netflix
14. Soundtracking
15. Hey Tell

Those are in no order. Have fun.