Thursday, September 22, 2011

And this is funny?

I don't think it will be much of a shock when I admit the following. After all, we've all got a freak flag and mine is flown fairly high each day.

1. The other night D and I were falling asleep and I started laughing. At first I tried to be quiet, not wanting to wake him if he was close to drifting off. But soon I couldn't control the volume. Of course He wanted to know what was so funny.

Me: "I was listening to NPR today on my way home from the grocery store..." (Trying to catch my breath.)
David: "And this is funny?"
Me: "...and Talk of the Nation came on, with Neil Conan... it was a really interesting story. I can't remember all the details but I remember thinking, this is going to be great for the next 5 minutes that I'm in the car..."
David: "And this was funny?"
Me: "AND... then the theme music started. (I try to hum/sing the all instrumental intro.) All I could think was CUE BOREDOM. The music just made me want to change the channel, all 11 seconds of it. You know what else does that to me? The Weekend Edition show also has really boring music. I feel like someone said, let's make people remember they are listening to public radio. That's all."
David: ". . . . . . you're laughing at 11:15 at night about instrumental music from Talk of the Nation? You are talking about Neil Conan at 11:15pm?"
Me: (Hysterical laughter)

2. I often make "That's what she said" jokes at times when I know they will make no sense. I find this to be very amusing.

D: "Thank you for cooking dinner."
G: "That's what she said." (Hysterical laughter.)

D: "We need to stop by Home Depot today."
G: "That's what she said." (Trying to stifle laughter.)

G: "Knock Knock."
D: "Who's there?"
G: "That's what she said."

Don't worry. In my opinion this never gets old.

3. IF there was a live video stream from my house all day, I think I would have a lot less friends. I work from home and it's been a big step to change out of my pajamas before lunch. I'm on a new schedule and it's helping, but I still spend a lot of time dancing and singing through my day. Like a lot. A lotalotalotalotalot. Sometimes I still have remnants of it when D gets home. He still acts surprised when I pirouette in the kitchen. He'll learn.

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