Sunday, November 6, 2011

Concerning Hobbits (and Creepers)

I had an impromptu movie date this evening with my friend Lauren. We went to see "In Time," and now I have the strange compulsion to run everywhere I go, and drive really fast and cool-like. Aaaaand also to hang out with people that look like Justin Timberlake and/or Cillian Murphy.

Tips for Running Faster
1. Turn to look at creepy guy you just passed, in case you have to describe him to someone. (A sketch artist, perhaps.)
2. See that he has also turned back to look at you.
3. Run faster.

You know, I see this picture

...and all I can think is: WHY AM I NOT AT THAT TABLE?!

My costume for a Halloween party last Sunday night was Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." On Monday I dropped everything for an impormptu viewing of "12 Angry Men" at a friend's house. Thursday night I got to see "The Sound of Music" on the big screen thanks to our new theater downtown. Yes: I DO need more old movies in my life, as a matter of fact, thankyouverymuchforasking.

On my way home from "Sound of Music" I got pulled over for one of my headlights being out. I seriously had no idea, and was grateful I only got a warning. I panicked a bit, though, when I realized I would have to figure out how to fix this before it got dark again. No time to put it off for THIS procrastinator! Luckily sometimes people are just AWESOME, though, and a friend helped so much that I never had to worry or try to figure out or even go to Walmart or ANYTHING. So thank you, Lord. For awesome people.

Guys, I'm really worried about Lindsey Lohan. I mean, sometimes I look at pictures of what she used to look like, then see her crazy, whacked out, rotted teeth self now and I think, "LiLo, what HAPPENED to you?" It's just SO sad. I think she's really going to die. And it's so sad.

If you've seen me at all in the last week or so, the odds are good that I've been wearing these boots.

These are my new 'I don't need a job*, I don't need my parents**, I've got great boots***' boots!

*Yes I do.
**Yes I do times every number ever.


Amanda said...

You're adorable...

and I love you.

Just thought you should know!

~lady j said...

your last comment reminded me of
"... or maybe December...
I'll live off my parents for another semester...
Forget that diploma!
I'm not quite ready to fly Han Solo..."

:) you're welcome.