Thursday, November 17, 2011

Type About All The Things!

On the menu for the rest of this month: a 5K, two birthday parties, a trip to Houston for Thanksgiving, getting a new boss. NOT on the menu: getting a massage, seeing a Broadway show, going to the beach, meeting Kyle Chandler and/or Greg Grunberg. (But anything's possible, right?) (Believe in your dreams, kids!)

Gosh, y'all. Why do I love Pinterest so muuuuuuuch? And why do I so rarely actually do anything that Pinterest gives me ideas for???

A bunch of people gathered in New York to protest the fact that Bradley Cooper (Will Tippin!!!) was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive over Ryan Gosling. I find this absolutely hilarious (and right on the money, if we're being honest.)

Last night I had plans to Do Things and Run Errands and Go Places and instead I watched "Mean Girls" and "America's Next Top Model." Because that's just the stuff that needs to take priority every once in a while, you know? "Don't let the hataz stop you from doin' ya thang!"

I love love love LOVE Christmas. I cannot wait to get out my decorations and listen to Christmas music non-stop! But... it's not Christmastime yet. It's Thanksgiving. And for me, celebrating now would take away some of the joy and specialness that comes with the actual Christmas season. It's a bit like peeking at your presents before it's time to open them- kind of ruins it! So for now, I will keep Christmas packed away, and know that the wonder and glory and sparkles of Christmas are still yet to come.

Most Boring Story Ever: After a recent morning shower, my hot water would not turn off all the way. I called my apartment manager, but it didn't get fixed until the NEXT day, meaning my apartment was niiiiiiiiiice and steamy all that day while I was at work. But now it's fixed (as mentioned previously- guess there should have been a spoiler alert up there) and my apartment is no longer a steam room. THE END.

Now that it gets dark all crazy early, my drive home from work is nothing more than a series of turning my brights on and off, on and off.

New Fall TV Show Round-up:

"Suburgatory" - One of the main reasons I keep up with this show is the extremely charming and Juno meets Veronica Mars-esque lead character Tessa Altman, played by Jane Levy, who feels like a younger version of Emma Stone. (Enough references for you?) Plus having Ana Gasteyer, Alan Tyduk, Jeremy Sisto, AND Cheryl Hines round out your cast certainly doesn't hurt.

"The New Girl" is adorable. It makes me laugh, and I want every episode to be at least twice as long. Three cheers for hyper-adorable Zooey and her hilarious roommates!
"Hart of Dixie" - I'm sticking with this one because it is mindless fun, cute and frothy and mild. I have hopes that it will get better- more compelling, richer character development, funnier jokes that I don't see coming a mile away, and the toning down of certain ridiculous characters named after fruit. I have these high hopes because: 1) Summer Roberts 2) Jason Street 3) Josh Schwartz (creator of "The OC" and "Chuck")
"Up All Night" - Meh. This is a good show to have on in the background while I curl my hair in the morning, but it's really nothing special. I think it's surprisingly sitcom-y, and I have a hard time liking Christina Applegate's character. Don't even get me started on Maya Rudolph's.... I should probably just go ahead and delete it from my DVR, but at the same time: WILL ARNETT!
"Unforgettable" - I'm not usually a police procedural-type person, but this premise (detective who has a super enhanced memory), solid storylines, and likeable lead character have me getting excited for each new episode that pops up on my DVR.

On a related note: COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay bye.

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SKMorbys said...

Celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is over is "a bit like peeking at your presents before it's time to open them- kind of ruins it!" Truer words are hard to come by. But I'm looking forward to unpacking "the wonder and glory and sparkles of Christmas" while you're home and after we eat our turkey!