Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So this one time, I moved into an apartment.

That one time? Was FIVE YEARS AGO.


And I'm so glad I get to still be here.

(Might I venture to guess that everyone who comes over to enjoy my pool with me is glad too...)

So much has changed since that rainy January 12th in 2007 when Mom and Dad helped move me into my beloved, second-story corner apartment.

Five years ago, I finished hanging curtains and setting up my kitchen and promptly showed it all off to... no one. I had only been in town for a handful of months, and basically knew no one.

To contrast, so far my week has included, but is not limited to:

  • Group viewing of the hilariousest movie ever, "Waiting for Guffman"

  • Six-episode marathon of "Friday Night Lights" with Emily

  • Homemade spaghetti with Stacy and Jacey (and I agree, the two of them SHOULD form a girl band)

  • Dinner party at John and Lori's house with 13 fun friends

  • Zumba with Andrea

  • Dinner at Grandma's with Carter and Grant (She picked up Buffalo Wild Wings for us! What grandmother does that? Awesome.)

  • Two episodes of "The OC" with Joanna and Elizabeth

  • A buy-one-get-one sale on Lean Cuisine meals at the grocery store. HUZZAH!
If you're sensing a theme (aside from the Lean Cuisine thing), you are correct: Buffalo Wild Wings is amazing.


But seriously, folks (taps microphone all "Is this thing on?"-like, stands in front of a brick wall.) Like I said, my life looks very different than it did five years ago, and a major change is in the area of my friendships and community. (Also: "Community." Not a show then, but now a favorite.) I spent a lot of lonely nights wishing for someone to watch "The OC" with, or to go try new restaurants with, or to watch old movies with, because I just didn't have any kind of community.

Now? It's an embarrassment of riches, and I generally have more plans than I know what to do with. (Here, do you want some? Upcoming events include: Friday Night Fun, Golden Globes viewing party, and hopefully a trip to see "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," if it would ever come to town! It's supposed to be really good and it has CRAZY GARY OLDMAN in it so how could you go wrong?? ...But I digress.)

I frequently find myself complaining (quite ridiculously) that I am just SO BUSY before I catch myself and clarify that actually that's okay, because it's all good, FUN things that I'm busy with!

So I'm thankful for this season of my life. Thankful for the time and freedom and inclination to go down the buffet of all available awesomeness and select some quality time here, some hilarity there, and a sprinkle of FUN to top it all off with. (Just no cauliflower, please. Or baked beans. Or cottage cheese. I will not be selecting any of THOSE things from the buffet.)

In conclusion: thank you LORD for saving me from being the Lonely Girl watching "Pearl Harbor" alone in her apartment, looking forward to a weekend of sleep and... I don't even know.

I just can't imagine my life without my friends.

In conclusion number two: I think this is the most parenthesis-heavy blog I have ever written.


Ginger said...

Love that Grandma stole a Buffalo Wild Wings giftcard FROM Grant so that she could love on the three of you. She does have a twinkle in her eye, doesn't she. :)

This post made me smile so much. I am so glad it has been such a season of blessing and goodness!

hootenannie said...

I cannot believe you've lived in the same apartment for FIVE YEARS. I cannot even imagine. I'm jealous of your sense of "home."

Hopeful that with time, Denver will bring the same overflow of riches for me.


Where the Redfearns Grow said...

Yay friendship! Yay community! I support this.

SKMorbys said...

Love this. The happy ending does a mother's heart good... :)

Amanda said...

Happy Apartment-versary! Oh, those apartments! I was always jealous of your pool view ;)

Love you friend! and I love that you're loving this season of life!