Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Freeing Reading

I am halfway through a book that is challenging me more than any other book aside from the Bible. It is not a theological commentary, nor is it a classic from a church forefather. This book is a novel.

I had heard the title mentioned before by several people. The word has started getting out. I don’t know what I agree with or disagree with, but that’s the beauty of fiction. This world that I’m reading has come from the mind of a fellow human being infused with the creativity indwelt by the ultimate Creator.

I flew to Austin on Sunday evening and between waiting at my gate and the actual flight, I finished both pieces of reading material. I knew that I needed to remedy the situation for the flight home, so I asked for some suggestions. Cassie picked this book off of her shelf and said “I still can’t stop thinking about this book.” So, I made the trek to Barnes and Noble the next day. I started the book once I was seated on the plane. By page 60 I was crying. By page 100 I was in shock. The following chapters were laced with truth, laughter, terror, challenges, and a full out emotional roller coaster.

I’m sure I will finish the book tonight. I haven’t stopped thinking about it today, and the way it has made me open up my little mind. It has blown wide the ways in which I have simply made God "the best version of me." At one point mid-flight I shut the book, turned out the overhead light, leaned back in my chair, and wept in awe that the Almighty loves spite of everything. More to come soon. I promise.


~lady j said...

i finished this book one week ago. and i still can't stop thinking about it. i've never read anything like it! it was just-- just unreal. i think it rearranged my POV completely and made me realize how much i've been limiting God just by my own disbelief in his ability to blow my mind. amazing. so glad you read it and i can't wait to hear what you thought!

Anonymous said...

bought the book today. hope to start soon. i'll let you know... -mom