Monday, May 12, 2008

Four Things

I found a show you should be watching. It's called "The Paper," and it airs on MTV right after some reality show about the end times. Unlike a few most reality shows, "The Paper" actually seems to give a relatively realistic depiction of what high school is like. The show is about, shockingly enough, the staff of a high school paper, and details all the drama that editors and writers face when trying to get issues of the paper out. The kids wear normal people clothes, and they all remind me of people I went to high school with. It's hysterical and awful and way too real for comfort! Austin 360 says: "What's so different? It's set in a school, not a bar or a dorm. So? It takes place in a high school newsroom. And? It's about a group of really smart, ambitious, goal-oriented teenagers who freak out over deadlines and grammar more than sex and booze. When was the last time we saw that on reality TV?"
The other night my brother and I were talking about old commercial jingles, particularly the old local ones. We were able to recall large chunks of the songs, and even the phone numbers! An old carpet cleaning advertisement here (Call 267-8433 because the next best thing to new is Dalworth Clean!), and insurance commercial there (730-DEPO! Call us at the depot! Insurance Depot!) How odd that there are entire people, events, places, and trips that have disappeared from my memory, and yet I can still sing these inconsequential jingles! I wonder.... Why is that?
Part of my current job duties include giving tours to our visitors. I actually love this aspect of my job, and I think part of me was always intended to be a tour guide*. Unfortunately I don't get to stand at the top of a bus and speak into a microphone, but I do get to tell interesting facts and carry a handy dandy ring of keys to get into different buildings! I always have a brighter day when I know I'm giving a tour.
*And no, I don't think my former job as a "Tour Guide" (aka seating hostess) at the Rainforest Cafe really counts.
Only true geeks need read on.... There are these two guys who've been journeying around the country with only one pupose in mind: to eradicate America of all typos. A big undertaking, I know, but they've chronicled their findings, and it makes for some hilarious and interesting reading. If you've ever found yourself with a desire to scratch out your eyeballs after observing one too many errant apostrophes, these guys are your friends! Seriously-- they have inspired me to the point where I have decided to keep a Sharpee with me at all times, just in case I find some glaring error at the grocery store that needs to be righted! Consider the battle cry answered, Typo Guys!

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