Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Postcards From the Edge (of suburbia)

In fifth grade I was required to write a journal entry every day. I'm sure I thought it was extremely lame and boring, not to mention a huge drain on my very important time. Here are a few of the daily thoughts and activities from the wildly exciting life of a fifth grader.

October 6, 1994
Today after piano lessons, I did homework, ate, and studied. When my dad cooked dinner for my sister, it smelled like it was burning, but she said it tasted great!

October 7, 1994
Today was a boring day. Enough said.

October 9, 1994
Today we went on a family bike ride. Clay kept on taking up so much time. When we got home, Mom fixed a gross meal.

October 13, 1994
Today was a busy day. After school, I went to piano lessons. But I was surprised to see our neibors car drive up with my mom in it. It turned out that mom had locked the keys in car. After that I went home, ate a small and quick dinner. Then I had to go to a soccer game, then came home and did homework. In the meantime, my brother had karate and my sister had a piano lesson. Busy day!

October 20, 1994
Today I went to piano, and the rest of the day was boring.

October 21, 1994
Today my sister went to baby-sit, and my parents went out-to-eat. So I baby-sat Clay. We got to watch TGIF.

October 22, 1994
Today I went to the mall and bought a Long-Horns hat. When I came home I ate dinner, and then I got to watch Problem Child 2. It was great!

October 23, 1994
Today after church, I did homework, and played outside the rest of the day. While I was outside, Clay and I put on a Beach Boys tape, and stood on the picnic table, and pretended we were surfing. It was a whole lot of fun!

October 24, 1994
Today we had a girlscout meeting. Boys in the class kept coming in and we would say they are now a girlscout. It was hilarious!

November 12, 1994
Today was the Fall Festival (piano competition). I only made one mistake. I played outside the rest of the day. After dinner, Ginger and I watched Ice Wars on TV. The iceskaters were really good.

November 13, 1994
Today Ginger got to go to Leaps and Bounds with her friends. I played almost every board game in this house with Clay. My Mom made me go to bed early.

December 4, 1994
Today was SOOOOO boring. We had to practice for the Sunday school program from 2:30 to 4:00. It was so boring that I have nothing to say about it.

December 7, 1994
Today was so, so, boring. Let's put it this way, nothing happened, no exciting things, I was just so bored to death today. It was one of my most boring days of my life.

April 25, 1995
Nothing interesting every happens to me. I wish something would. Today I must get a shot- again. I always get shots. I'm sick of them.

May 8, 1995
I'm sick of piano lessons. Piano itself isn't bad, it's just the lessons. I mean, four years of them? Anyone but Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Handle, or any other composer would be tired of them by now!

May 15, 1995
It's so hot! I'm frying! This morning it was 84 degrees! I hear its just a lick of summer! Oh no!

May 19, 1995
Yes! Today's Friday! The last day of school! All right! I can't wait for summer to come!

A hard-knock life, no? ;-)


Annie Parsons said...

Oh my goodness - this is CRACKING ME UP!

"Today was so, so, boring. Let's put it this way, nothing happened, no exciting things, I was just so bored to death today. It was one of my most boring days of my life."

Poor little under-privileged American girl. haha!!! I'm sure that I have some journals like this, too - I should look for them.

Anonymous said...

all that practicing must've paid off if you did so well at the fall festival... -m

lara said...

"we got to watch TGIF"