Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In a desperate attempt to find something to blog about

Because I know you are always eager to read about my childhood

Look, everybody! Funny diary entries!

All of this was pulled from my highly prized Lisa Frank diary with the lock on it. That's right, a lock! These are some precious secrets you're about to read!

May 19, 1995
Yes! It’s Friday!
Now I’ve got my boys narrowed down to four, and I’ve changed it- a lot!

1. David (he’s funny)

2. Steven (he’s cute!)
3. Brad (he’s cute)
4. Bobby (he’s cute)

David is so funny, and I think he likes me! And he’s cute. I’m in love! I’m a love bird!

P.S. I’m grounded! Augg!

Why I am still the same person I was in 5th grade: 1) Funny guy at the top of the list. 2) Making lists.

Also-- I wish I could remember why I was grounded!

Aug. 16, 1995
I no longer like Brad, but I still love David. I am sure he likes me too. I know he knows I like him, and he knows I know he likes me.

Did you catch all that?

Bobby is no longer cute (?), but Steven is. School just started a couple days ago. Yuck!

Sep. 11, 1995
I hate! I hate! I hate, David! He's being a dodo brain.

Whoa! Watch the language there! And whatever happened to the love bird? I so wish I remembered what had happened here....

I sorta like Roy, but if anyone were to see this entry, I'd be in complete agony.

Someone's feeling a little dramatic!!

+ I hate Bobby! (so much I can't put it in words)


Mar. 27, 1996
Now Bobby, David, Roy, and Brad like me. They're all dorks! But Brads sort of o.k.

Oct. 20, 1996
Dear Diary,
I hate Brad! He is so dumb! I hate Bobby, I hate Roy, I hate Steven, and I hate, I hate, I hate David! He's a dumbo-brain!
But I love John. He is so fine! He is cute and funny.

Sorry, but the saga ends there! I really do enjoy these particular entries, mostly because of the fact that I don't offer any explanations as to why I oscillated between loving and hating some of these poor boys. I guess it can just be left up to your imagination....

Finally, a teaser for a possible future post about high school boys. A line I was fed in 12th grade:

"Did you really think I didn’t know what color your eyes were? Why do you think I turn around in English class every day?"


~lady j said...


I definitely have some of these.
I think they were mostly about my friend Kyle! Much much later, I'm pretty sure i rambled in a similar fashion about Crackhead.

LOL. i liked a boy "named" Crackhead. COLLEGE!!!! :D

Annie Parsons said...

This post makes me GLEEFULLY giddy!

Anonymous said...

John??? Why can't I recall who that is??? -m.

zanne said...

I used to LOVE Lisa Frank stuff!

dc said...

Presh. :)

Katie said...

Hahahahaha! If you'd read these aloud in House 9, the room would have exploded in laughter.

I'm sure I have some similar thoughts about various boys in junior high - and we even had code names for lots of them.

Lara said...

Once a lovebird always a lovebird.

Prosso said...

Oh man let's ride this train to middle school/high school/college please.