Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Changing the Numbers

In 2007, the average consumer planned to spend more than $800 on holiday related shopping and more than $100 on themselves.

The typical American planned to spend:

$469.14 on family members
$94.69 on candy and food
$90.13 on friends
$49.76 on decorating
$37.45 on acquaintances
$32.21 on greeting cards and postage
$22.79 on co-workers
$20.53 on flowers

In November and December of 2007, consumers accumulated an estimated $12.8 billion in new debt, according to cardtrak, an organization that tracks credit card use. That is 16% of the total debt accumulated that year. According to a 2007 survey, one third of consumers were still paying off debt from the 2006 holiday season. But what if we could change the numbers this year?

If you’re interested in joining the conspiracy that will change the face of Christmas Seasons to come, then check out some creative alternatives this year. For more gifts that keep giving consider some of the following organizations for some unique gifts this year:

Cards from Africa

Save the Children

Gospel for Asia

Invisible Children



Christian Andre Coffee

Merry Christmas and Happy Giving!!

*2007 Statistics from The Good Sheet

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