Thursday, November 27, 2008

Photo Shoot (as in shoot me now)

A peek into the minds of our lovely family...brought to you by BOTH Ginger and Valerie....

CLAY: The game started at 3:15. Of course we had to start taking pictures at 3:18.
DAD: Fake laughing is HILARIOUS! We need something different this year! HAHAHA!!
MOM: Can't we just take a nice picture?
GINGER: Dear God, PLEASE let me have a double chin in this year's Christmas card photo.
VALERIE: Whatevs, G! Your double chin looks AWESOME! And my fake laughing is totally more convincing than Dad's!
MOM: At least the kid's didn't try to take their picture with a fake owl this year. What is WITH them and weird pictures?

CLAY: Seriously. Are we done yet? Cowboys. On television. Right now.
GINGER: Maybe we can take a goofy picture with a poinsetta! Ooooh! Or we could all make a PYRAMID! With the poinsetta on top! And a partridge in a pear tree! LOL!
MOM: I'm so glad the kids are here to help me decorate this year. Hopefully they won't be weird and sarcastic. Again.
DAD: My jaw hurts. But-- HAHAHAHA!
CLAY: You know what I'm going to be thankful for today? Getting this the freak done and going to watch the Cowboys.
GINGER: I really don't think we should have the red shirts standing so close together. Mom? Valerie? Switch places!
MOM: Why are we just standing in front of bricks? I wish we could sit down or something. Maybe we can all be in front of the fireplace! With hot chocolate! And scarves! Where's Olan Mills when you need them....
DAD: HAHAHAHA....Are we almost done?
CLAY: You have 12 seconds and I'm going back inside.
GINGER: Does this pose make my arms look fat? Yes. Yes it does.
VALERIE: Everyone is funny! Everything is hilarious!!
MOM: Ginger doesn't even look related to us anymore. Why is her hair so dark!?
CLAY: 8....7....6....
GINGER: Easy with the camera there, buddy! Two hands, please! You're holding my child. If only I could get a picture with my child. My precious....
VALERIE: Why does the PALEST person in the family have to be standing next to the TANNEST? Not. Fair.
MOM: I'm so thankful for all of my family.
DAD: I'm so thankful this is almost done.
CLAY: 5....4....3....
GINGER: I'm so thankful that I'm tanner than Valerie.
VALERIE: I'm so thankful that I'm the funny one.
CLAY: 2....1.... I'm outta here. PEACE.
May your day be as HILARIOUS as ours.... But we bet yours didn't include a wheelchair, a throwdown fight over chocolate pie, 18 people, two dogs, the Jonas brothers, Mario Kart, brussel sprouts, text messaging over turkey, and setting up a Christmas tree! And if yours did, Please let us know. That would be UNBELIEVABLE.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and fellow bloggers!


Meaghan said...

the fake laughing...awesome

Lara said...

I believe this fake laughter.
9/10 stars.

Katie said...

Hilarious. How I miss the Morby sense of humour.

Sarah D said...

Ginger, your hair looks awesome!

Happy Holidays to the Morby Family!

dc said...

CHRISTMAS MUSIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!! Totally right there with ya.

And I believe whole-heartedly that you need to use Photo #2 in your Christmas card.