Monday, November 17, 2008

This List Brought To You By The Letter....

Another list, Valerie? Really? Okay, okay. But it had better not have anything to do with movies, though. All you ever talk about is movies! Wait-- don’t tell me you are posting another LIST about MOVIES!

Well, blogiverse, I am so sorry to let you down, but this is indeed another list. I absolutely love this idea: it’s the The Alphabetical Favorites Meme! In this one, you get to pick a favorite movie for every letter of the alphabet. I’m in heaven!

It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I’d anticipated, though. I mean, how do you choose between your most beloved films? It was tough, but…I had to do it. What if someday someone asks me to name my very favorite movie that starts with the letter “U?” Or “X,” even? That’s not something you think about every day! Now, though? Now I am prepared.


A- Almost Famous
B- Bend it Like Beckham
C- Clue
D- Diary of a Mad Black Woman
E- Ever After
F- Finding Neverland
G- Gone With the Wind
H- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I- Iron Giant
J- Juno
K- Kate and Leopold
L- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
M- Moulin Rouge
N- Newsies
O- Oklahoma
P- Pirates of the Caribbean
Q- The Quiet Man
R- Remember the Titans
S- Singin' in the Rain
T- That Thing You Do
U- The Unsinkable Molly Brown
V- Vertigo
W- Waiting for Guffman
X- X-Men
Y- You've Got Mail
Z- Ziegfeld Follies

Ack! There’s no room for "A League of their Own" or "Sense and Sensibility!" And I had to pick between "The Notebook" and "Newsies?" Like cutting off a hand here, people.

P” might’ve been the hardest letter. Because in order to pick “Pirates of the Caribbean,” I had to skip over “The Princess Bride,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “The Prestige.”

This is like SOPHIE'S CHOICE!

And I know. “Kate and Leopold?” Ridiculous. I KNOW. It’s not even a great movie. But seriously- tell me some other “K” movies! Really, it was either that or like… “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.” See? Exactly.

Man, for a few of those letters I was literally paging through my giant movie review book trying to think of something- anything!- that started with the right letter. Look! I'm saved! "Ziegfeld Follies." Phew! I've seen that. That right my favorite "Z" movie. I can sleep tonight after all.

Totally harder than it looks, guys. I dare you.


michelle said...

you had me hooked when i saw the picture.

fantastic choice. :)

and this is michelle by the way ... found it through joanna!

michelle said...

oh yeah ... i forgot it posts your picture with the comment .... CLEARLY this is me. :)

Snoop said...

Shall I play as well?

American Beauty
Boondock Saints
Children of Men
Dark Knight
Edward Scissorhands
Finding Neverland
Gangs of New York
I Heart Huckabees
Jurassic Park
Kill Bill Vol 1
Lemony Snicket's
Nightmare Before Christmas
Oceans Eleven
Pirates of the Caribbean
Quantum Solace
Rear Window
Singin in the Rain
This is Spinal Tap
Wedding Singer
Young Frankenstein

Ginger said...

"I Heart Huckabees." For real, Stephen? I was totally following with you on everything else. Huckabees and Garden State should just go and marry each other somewhere far from me.

Snoop said...

I'm a sucker for the aimless twenty-something flick...

Meaghan said...

hey ginger! so fun to find your blog off becca's! love the post about megan! xoxo