Monday, November 24, 2008

A Smattering

I hate it when I'm filling up my car and I pick up the pump and start turning it towards my car but I realize it's twisting and it has to go the other way so I end up having to turn myself and the hose in the other direction to get it to the gas tank. I'm sure the other gas station patrons must think I'm trying to dance around with the gas hose thing but I'm really not. It was just twisted.

Whenever I type the word 'recognition' I always sound it out in my head as if it is said ree-cog-ni-shun.

Once I had a dream that I went to visit the people from my old job at Chick-Fil-A. Incidentally, no, I have never worked there. My old boss, Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," kept hitting on me and being really funny and I decided that it would probably be okay to date him because I don't work there anymore.

We used to all live in one city. I can barely wrap my brain around that fact. We all were in one place? We saw each other every day? How did I get so lucky! Now we are in New Mexico and California and Tennessee and...all over! And even the ones who didn't leave the state are spread all over. Not cool. What if the United States was a big piece of fabric and you could just pinch and pull certain areas closer together? Just grab that state over there and stretch it to be right next to mine. That way an entire year wouldn't have to pass before I saw you again! Seems like a simple solution to me, anyway.

I know I've mentioned "Twilight" before on this blog. So in answer to your question (you did ask me, didn't you?)-- yes, I saw the movie (and yes, I went to the midnight showing). Yes, I enjoyed it. So let me first of all say that any movie you see at midnight will instantly be more fun. For one thing, you are sleep-deprived. For another, and more importantly, you're seeing the movie with people who are genuinely excited about it. It's a crowd that's free to laugh and scream and woooo to their heart's content. Second, I think it was a pretty good representation of the book, which itself was a pretty good book to begin with. So all in all, a very fun movie-going experience. I'm ready to see it again!

Wouldn't it be great if life was always like MasterCard commercials? All those "priceless" memories. Playing in the backyard with your family, going to baseball games, cooking with your Grandma... These people seem to always spend their money but never really have to pay the bills.

Yesterday our Movie Club watched "Psycho." That is a great, great movie. And not even from a simply "suspense" or "horror" standpoint either. It is a stand-alone, truly well-made film. I highly recommend it. Just don't read any spoilers....


Katie said...

We did all live in the same city, didn't we? Twice, on both sides of the Atlantic. It seems crazy now.

I'll be thinking of House 9 Thanksgivings this week - with Seth carving the turkey and David bringing pigs-in-a-blanket and Deaton liking sweet potatoes for the first time ever. And me sitting on the floor next to you, agreeing that "these mashed potatoes are SO creamy."

dc said...

Who spells "recognition" that often?

And I totally craved your breakfast pinwheels the other day. Why can't I just flop down on the couch with you and make fun of 8th and Ocean?