Monday, August 11, 2008

Nobody Likes a Blonde in a Hampster Ball

So I'm into some new things. Now don't you worry, I will always have the Gilmore Girls and the Harry Potters in my life. But here's a taste for what's had my attention for the past month.

Freaks and Geeks

Are you calling me irrational? Because I'll tear your head off, Daniel. I'll tear it off and I'll throw it over that fence.

Yes, it really is as good as you’ve been hearing. It’s a lot more accessible than I thought it would be—it’s certainly not as odd or weird as I was expecting. “Freaks and Geeks” is an amazing blend of the always hilarious and often poignant, and while I wouldn’t say I was a part of either of those groups in high school, it does seem to be a fairly accurate portrayal of most of high school.

Nick: I'm gonna be a Deejay, man. [beat] And maybe a lumberjack.

The freaks aren’t all bad- they are self-aware and care about their futures and aren’t total jerks to everyone, despite hating school and most of their teachers. And the geeks aren’t nerds by any stretch- they just get a kick out of funny movies and Dungeons and Dragons and feel a little awkward at school.

This is one of my favorite scenes of the series. I can’t explain why I find it so simultaneously hilarious and heart-breaking. But here it is; you can judge for yourself. Meet Bill Haverchuck, one of the Geeks. After school he settles down for a little snack and an afternoon of television-watching.

(Freaks and Geeks gets a 10/10 dvd review)

The Twilight series

Of all the things about me that could frighten you, you worry about my driving.

Far from perfect, the Twilight series nevertheless kept me completely captivated from beginning to end as I blazed through all four books in less than three weeks. “Twilight” tells the story of 17-year-old Bella and her encounter with classmate Edward and his family of fantastically beautiful people. Slowly her she begins to have strong suspicions about what Edward’s family really is, but that doesn’t stop her from falling in love with him. It sounds quite clich├ęd, yes, but the books are well-written and suspenseful, and I definitely recommend you check them out if you can handle fantasy/science fiction plots. I must say though, that despite the fact that author Stephenie Myer is being hailed as the next JK Rowling, these books are no Harry Potter. I skimmed over a few chunks and rolled my eyes at others, but really it’s all good fun, and like I said before- I couldn’t put them down!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie based on the first book. And let me know what you think!

(Here's a pretty right-on review of the first book)

Veronica Mars

That might play with the masses, but underneath that angry young woman shell, there's a slightly less angry young woman who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars. A twinkie!

I can’t even begin to tell you how delighted I am to finally be able to call myself a Veronica Mars fan. You guys, this show is amazing. It’s just so funny and lovely and sweet and smart and awesome and clever and….mind-blowing. I love it.

“Veronica Mars” stars the adorable Kristen Bell as its title character, a damaged, snarky, and crazy intelligent high school student slash super sleuth (take that, alliteration!). Formerly a member of the popular kids in school, Veronica Mars is sent reeling by the murder of her best friend Lilly Kane and the subsequent firing of her father as the town sheriff and the walking out of her mom. Each episode has Veronica solving a mystery of the week, while simultaneously working toward unmasking the identity of Lilly’s killer. It’s a wonderful mix of hilarious and gritty, emotional and complicated.

Most credit for the magic of the show, though, must go to the incomparable Kristen Bell. In all her glory:

Really though, what more could you need from a show? Corrupt teachers, sweet father/daughter relationships, rockin’ 80s parties, Paul Rudd, aw-shucks romance, people running around on fire, endorsements for Invisible Children, motorcycle gangs, bugged phone calls, heartbreak, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, false confessions, people watching Sense and Sensibility…. It’s all here!

Now I know this isn't the best quality, but please. Press play. It’s pretty great.

Why you should be watching Veronica Mars:

Did I mention that I want to be her?

(For some really eloquent thoughts on Veronica Mars, click here.)

And that's what's been grabbin' my attention lately! Won't you tell me if you've watched/read any of these things? Or if you plan on doing so in the future? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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