Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am Michael Phelps.

Like most of the world, I've been pulled into watching the Olympics every night, usually well past 11:00pm. I've never been so motivated at the gym. I went almost every night last week for close to two hours at a time. The television at my rental place is finicky, so I rely on L.A. Fitness to get me through. If you ever want to truly motivate yourself, just watch some of the swimming races while on an elliptical. Are my legs moving or is that a whirlwind? Can't tell, can you?

I think my favorite part of the games have been...well, me. I know, sounds ridiculous, but I'm ridiculous. I can't help but imagine myself as a better athlete than I actually am. For someone who played pretty much every sport growing up, I'm now a certified klutz. I can't do anything without hurting myself. But since the start of the games in Beijing, I've seemed to recover that sparkle. I leap from room to room and walk as though I'm a gymnast headed to my next event. I can barely move today from all the "Olympic-ing" that's taken place.

And while I admit to being committed physically to this process, I would be lying if I didn't happen to commit emotionally as well. You should have seen me as I watched the women's all-around gymnastics competition. I was watching on my roommate's couch, which is suede, not wanting my newly washed hair to get her pillow wet, so I had a kitchen towel draped over the pillow. So glad I had it, because I cried through the entire thing. I hadn't even heard of Nastia's name a week ago, but here I am sobbing "Go Nastia! You can do this. Make us all proud. You've worked so hard for this!" I now speak of her as though she is my best friend. I've been to her website. It's sad. I was telling someone about her crying through the National Anthem and I started crying just talking about it. And don't get me started on those Morgan Freeman Visa commercials. They get me every time.

I don't even remember watching any of the Olympics when they were in Athens or Sydney. Bejing has become my Atlanta. I'm going to be so sad in another week when I have to go back to watching NBC summer programming. Blech. For now I will continue to stick my landings, win the gold by a fingernail, and cheer like the athletes can actually hear me.
*Photo: Winning the gold in ocean running at the Galveston '06 Olympics. Watch out Phelps.


Katie said...

This is hilarious. And I totally get it - I, too, have been watching the Olympics avidly and crying at the gymnastics. Go Phelps, Liukin, and all the rest! :)

Whitney said...

Not that I needed a reminder of why you are one of my best friends, but the post was definitely an affirmation. I often choose to watch the Olympics by myself because not once can I get through the U.S. national anthem without crying. Anytime they showed Phelps' mom on tv crying...I teared up with her. And the Morgan Freeman commercials make me swell with such pride to be an American that I feel as though I might need to be on a Lifetime movie (minus the requisite being beaten). So...thanks for letting me know I am not the only loser crying watching the Olympics. :)

hales said...

you make me laugh so hard.

love you, gma!