Monday, August 4, 2008


I spent most of the weekend at work helping pull of quite an event. Although the 114 degree weather threatened to keep us completely uncomfortable, we successfully presented a new preschool curriculum, promoted our kids to their new grades, opened a youth building, and hosted a party outside complete with slip-n-slide, dunk tank, painting, and snow cones. I was preparing to head to work at 11:00am on Saturday morning and had just pulled out of my neighborhood when the inevitable happened. I went to open the nozzle of my water bottle with my teeth and instead pulled off the entire lid. 12 oz of water dumped all over me filling my cup-holders and soaking my clothes. I'm impressed that I didn't scream. I calmly went upstairs and threw my clothes in the dryer, changed into my now warm clothes and entered back into the 114 degree heat.

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