Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's Go to the Movies!

I am a big fan of movies. I am also a big fan of lists. So when the American Film Institute comes out with a new movie list? It's like Christmas for me. Last night was their "10 Top 10" list: ten of the best movies from ten classic movie genres. I've long given up hope that any of my favorite movies will make these kinds of lists, so when they do, I'm more than a little excited.

For thoughts on my favorite movies that popped up on the countdown, as well as all the other thoughts I had while watching (no, really-- I wrote all this down while I watched), read on!

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt introduces animation. WHY? Because she voices a crappy character in a crappy sequel to a pretty crappy (save one great song) original? I'm not following.

  • "SHREK?" SERIOUSLY?? I mean, "Shrek" is a great and hilarious movie. But. Number 8? Seriously?

  • Shouldn't "Beauty and the Beast" be higher than #7? I mean, we are talking about the only animated movie EVER to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, right? Yes, that's what I thought....
  • "Fantasia!" Cool! I was worried the world had forgotten about that one!

  • I love Sean Astin. But it's so funny-- he makes everything sound like it is of the upmost importance. He could probably make his grocery list sound gravely pressing. Then you'd have to stop and be like, "WHAT? You're talking about SOUP and YOGURT! Give me a break!"

  • "Groundhog Day." Love that movie. So funny. But-- a fantasy? No. Same goes for "Big." I'm just not sure about this....

  • Number 2 fantasy is "The Fellowship of the Ring!" Yea! Dominic Monaghan! YEA!! (ALTHOUGH-- let me just say this. The only clips anyone ever shows of this movie are the ones we have seen a million times before. People who have never seen this must think all that happens is that Gandalf recites a little poem about the ring, Frodo falls and drops the ring, and then Gandalf yells 'You shall not pass!' and then falls. Yep, that's the whole movie!

  • "A Clockwork Orange?" Really?? Gross.

  • "2001: A Space Odessy" beat "Star Wars?" Wow. And no "Close Encounters?" Wow.

  • "Field of Dreams." "Lion King." "Star Wars." Way to go, James Earl Jones! Does this mean we can hope to see "The Sandlot" in the sports section? ;)

  • "Jerry Maguire?" Not really a sports movie. Sorry. But no.

  • My own personal favorite sports movies? Glad you asked. They would have to be: "A League of their Own," "Rookie of the Year," "The Sandlot," "Remember the Titans," "Bend it Like Beckham," and "Field of Dreams."

  • Way surprised that "Hoosiers" wasn't higher up on the list. Way. (Not my favorite movie, but I'm not gonna say I didn't tear up at that clip of the winning basket. It might have happened. Maybe.)

  • I wish, for Sean Astin's sake, that "Rudy" would have made the list. Even if he'd made it sound like the best movie, the first movie ever. For him, I wish it had made the list.

  • NO "CHARIOTS OF FIRE?" Whaaaaaat? And this is with them calling "The Hustler" a sports movie?? Also, no "Natural" or that 'Win one for the Gipper' movie?

  • Even if I haven't seen them all, I like to think that I've at least heard of a lot of old movies. But in this Westerns category, I'm coming up pretty empty. I mean, "Cat Ballou?" "McCabe and Mrs. Miller?" I mean, what is that??

  • BUT, I was very surprised not to see: "The Magnificent Seven," "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," or "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Also, would "Dances with Wolves" not count?

  • Forgot all about "Shane!" DUH!

  • Totally called "The Searchers," though! Totally.

  • Gangster movies. Bleh. Whatever.

  • Pause for "Dark Knight" commercial. Amazing. That movie is going to CLEAN UP on opening weekend. 70 million, easy. No-- 80. At least.
  • Hmm. I really like James Woods a lot. I wonder why that is.

  • Where is "The Thin Man" in the mystery category?? That makes me sad.

  • I've always wanted to see "Laura." Now... I really really want to see "Laura!"

  • "Vertigo" and "Rear Window" are amazing. If you haven't seen them, go. Go now.

  • WHY is Jessica Alba introducing Romantic Comedies? WHY?

  • "Harold and Maude?" No. No no no.

  • "When Harry Met Sally" is #6? SIX?? Wow. I thought it would be much higher.

  • "Philadelphia Story:" yea!

  • Aww, "Roman Holiday." Awwwww.

  • "City Lights" is considered not only a Romantic Comedy, but the very best Romantic Comedy. That one's a bit of a head scratcher.

  • Why does "The Princess Bride" not count again? That should be on here somewhere. Romantic Comedy. Fantasy. Anywhere. Couldn't they find a place for it?

  • 'A dingo ate my baby!!!' Lol.

  • "12 Angry Men" is such an amazing movie. I could watch that movie every day. I really think I could.

  • Aww, Kirk Douglas. Seeing him like this makes me sad.

  • "Titanic!" YES! Yes yes yes.

  • I really love the 'I'm Spartacus!' scene. I do.

  • "Gone with the Wind" is only #4? Sad.

  • Similar to "Fellowship of the Ring"-- all we ever get to see is the trainyard body scene, the fire, and Scarlett's 'I'll never go hungry again!' line. And maybe Rhett leaving in the end. But still. Ugh. It's like a four hour movie! There's more to it than that!

  • They've just shown "Ben Hur." WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE EPIC???

  • Ooooh. "Lawrence of Arabia." Again, the totally called for: DUH.

  • Yea! Dominic Monaghan!

I love movies. Gosh.
        For a full list of winners, go here. Sorry this was so long- thanks for sticking with me!

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