Monday, June 30, 2008

Never again...ok, maybe once.

That's it. I'm finished. I've just spent the last 5 days lifting, cleaning, and sweating. I despise moving. I was lucky enough to have wonderful friends to help with the heavy lifting and some of the cleaning, but I just felt like the task was never ending. A majority of my things are now in storage while I am living in a fully furnished condo for a while. I've compiled a list of things for you to seriously consider the next time you are even THINKING about moving.

1. Do you HAVE to move?
2. Do you live in Arizona? If so, do not move in the month of June when it is 112 degrees outside.
3. Why do you own so much stuff?
4. Say you turn your keys in and then realize that you have left 3 items in a cabinet - just let them go. It's not worth going back there for one more trip.
5. Do you really need to move?
6. Maybe try giving monasticism a try. It's less stuff to move.

I think the high-light of this entire event was smashing my fingers in a drawer and then trying to get my keys off of the key ring to give to the apartment manager. I was putting all the effort I had into getting the keys off, and she just kept standing there. I was about to lose it. I was so tired, so sweaty, and the stupid keys were each on a ring. She finally offered to help after 5 minutes of smashing my fingers.

The new challenge about this move is that I do not have Internet in my new I'm blogging at the library. Since I only have one hour on the clock it doesn't lend much time for creativity. I'm sure I will read this later and wonder what I'm talking about.

I'm now heading out to reward myself for not losing it with anyone over the past weekend in the moving process or at work (crying or shouting - although I have done plenty of that on my own.) I'm thinking my feet have been asking for a pedicure, I picked up a new book, and a stop at Sonic is in order for a Route 44 Diet Coke. (Also, I'm preparing to watch Deanna bring the number down from 3 J's to 2 tonight.) Let the NOT-MOVING commence.


Valerie said...

When people ask what you're up to this weekend, you should just tell them that you're staying. Not moving, just staying. We should all use that phrase more.

I'm gonna be doing some staying this week.

Austin & Ashley Evans said...

So your comment officially made my day. I laughed and got teary all in one comment - typically times with Ging :)
Lately Im missing PC A LOT! Im going to visit the end of July (hopefully) and wish you'd be there! We could play steam roller in the Carbo Cafe just for good times. That summer will go down as one of my all time favorites. And may need a blog post in the near future. Love you my dear friend!