Sunday, June 22, 2008

Retro Post

True fact – Every entry in my journal from 1994-95 is addressed to “Dearest Sonet.” I was going for “Sonnet”, but that quite possibly makes even less sense. Why would you write to a sonnet? (The first entry to correctly spell sonnet is March 11, 1995.)

July 6, 1994
Dearest Sonet,

Today I traveled from Galveston to Tyler. I am staying with my Grandma here until Saturday. Last night in Galveston, I (and Grandma and Mom) went and saw the musical production of Show Boat. It was both boring and fascinating. Boring whenever they sang love songs but wonderful when they danced. Oh yes, and tonight Grandma took me to see the Disney movie, The Lion King! It was good. It was a little violent and kind of short, but all in all it’s sure to be a classic. I think one of the songs in the movie might even get an award! Well, I was up late last night and it’s already 9:27pm so I gotta sleep!
Bye for now My Sonet – GMM
July 17, 1994
Dearest Sonet,

Today we took the long and perilous journey from Dallas, TX to Trinidad, Colorado. We passed through about 50 miles of New Mexico. Tomorrow we travel from Trinidad to Euray. The motel we are staying in is called Budget Host. Budget is for sure. It’s better than the No go HO JO! (At least.) The mountains are beautiful! My sister and I thought the little hills of New Mexico were big. The mountains when we got to Colorado were huge. Mom says they’re going to get larger the deeper into Colorado we get. Well, I gotta try and get some sleep.
Bye for now My Sonet. – GMM

*And I know what you're thinking, and yes, I was a rebellious child. Just look at that butterfly out.


Whitney said...

Wow. I am constantly amazed at your willingness to share. Most people would have burned said "sonet" to the ground, or at the least hidden it from the light of day forever; but you? You put it right out there! Awesome! That? Is why we love you.

Miss Megan Bates said...

I love your labels for this post ... "Childhood" "Confession" and "Dork". Says it all...

: )