Monday, March 16, 2009

Does anyone else...

-Actually keep the small plastic bag of extra buttons that come with new clothes? (other than my mother)

-Worry about the waitress when you have a large group of people at your table? Is anyone else paying attention to her?! Pay attention people!

-Utilize cruise control a majority of the time you are driving?

-Drink milk straight from the container?

-Drink chocolate syrup straight from the bottle?

-Remember watching Hang Time on Saturday mornings? AWESOME.

-Find cottage cheese to be disgusting? I call it bird food because it looks like a mama bird chewed it up and then spit it back out on my plate.

-Know that there are only 122 days until the movie event of the summer?

-Find reading non-fiction to be a chore?
-Wish that you too could have had an animated conscience like McGee as a child?

-Dream about meeting Jim Gaffigan?

-Only wash on two settings? Colors on cold, lights on warm. I don't have time to make 12 piles.

-Groan when King of Queens comes on?

-Find existential Facebook status updates to be ridiculous? Ginger is basking in the sun of thoughts and the dreams of clouds. OR Ginger is tap shoes and rhythm.
-Wish they could still catch WINGS reruns on t.v.?

-Recall wishing to live like The Boxcar children? I read the section about swimming in the little pool and setting up house in the car over and over. Things went downhill for me when they actually moved into a real house.

-Wish that they still had their curly elastic shoe laces?

-Cry so hard through Extreme Home Makeover that sometimes they don't think they actually have the emotional energy to watch it?

-Think of the state of Texas as if it's your best friend?

-Wonder why Claudia Kishi was supposedly so fashionable when her choices were clearly unstable?

-Remember reading and loving and being obsessed with A Bride for Donnigan or The Stars for A Light - Dr. Cheney Duvall, M.D.?

-Have all the dialoge and songs memorized from at least six Psalty tapes?
-Recall spending their Saturday nights expectantly watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

....Just thought I would check.


jordy said...

Yes to about 80% of those -
especially thinking of Texas like it's my best friend. Which reminds me, I haven't called it to catch up in a while...

Sarah D said...

I'm definitely with you on #1 and #2, which apparently is only further confirmation that I am a mom in sheep's clothing.

Julia said...

You and Jordan need to meet. She's a Texas girl living in Phoenix, too. I'm her mother and I would love for you two to have a playdate......she will kill me for this.

I love your humor. Julia

Katie said...

I LOVED Dr. Quinn and Cheney Duvall. Clearly I have a thing for spunky red-headed frontier doctors.

I also wished I could live like the Boxcar Children - things improved again when they went on trips and stayed on islands or lived in houseboats. I still have all those books.

And yes, I keep the extra buttons. And cottage cheese is GROSS.

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVED this - favorite post ever! And Hangtime was one of my favorite shows - so bummed when it went off the air!

And I do keep the small bag of buttons :)

Love you to pieces!

dc said...
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dc said...

I keep the buttons, but I am a hopeless seamstress, so it doesn't do me much good.

I didn't appreciate Texas when I was there, but I miss it now.

And I'm guilty of posting ridiculous Facebook updates from time to time. I'm sorry.

Stevox said...

Why DOES no one worry about the waitress? She just wants to get our drink order so she can go home. Let her go home!!

Ginger said...

-@Jordan: You should call soon. I hear Texas gets jealous really easily.
-@Sarah: I always knew you were really my mom.
-@Jordan's mom: Agreed! Thanks for the compliment.
-@Katie: AMEN!
-@Ashley: Love you and so excited Brooke is almost here!
-@DC: Both Facebook and I forgive you for your need for allusion, alliteration, and metaphor.
-@Stephen: Party for 5 approved.

Lydia said...

We're like the same person. Except I never watched Dr. Quinn. For me, it was Avonlea on Monday nights on the Disney Channel!

shannonmichaelis said...

should not surprise you that i keep all the buttons as well. never used them, but have them in case!

becca harris said...

i am with you on the laundry, psalty, and dr. quinn. you know doctor quinn was filmed in colorado springs, this was a big deal to me growing up.

Jess said...

Hey! Someone else who remembers Psalty! I think I still have the tapes somewhere. Also, this guy who was a friend of a friend of ours used to dress up as Psalty on various occasions because...actually, I'm not really sure... I just remember being a young child and easily frightened by strangers anyway. Let alone ones dressed up as Psalty :P