Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie Club

Stephen was the one who came up with the idea. A movie club, so a group of us could broaden our film horizons, discuss different movies, and maybe even have some fun thrown in there as well. Thus the inception of The Great Society of Movie Watchers.

Every Sunday Jesse, Kyle, Stephen, and myself gather to watch a movie. In the fall it was Hitchcock, ranging from "Vertigo" and "Dial M for Murder" to "Psycho." We watched, we rated, we discussed. And we got burned out on Hitchcock.

So this January we began attacking the IMDb Top 250 movies. This list has movies like "His Girl Friday" and "City Lights," not to mention more modern films such as "Sin City" and "The Dark Knight." It's a broad list!

It's been interesting to see the movies different club members have picked, and what everyone's reactions to those movies have been. I was personally not a fan of "Blade Runner," but I was in the minority on that one. I selected "Duck Soup" a few weeks ago and the reception was...slightly lukewarm. "Harvey," however, was a rousing success.

I'm so glad to have a weekly outlet to discuss movies now. And not only discuss films in general, but to also pick apart what we've just watched, debating over the camera work (some more than others), character motivations, other movies we've seen some of these actors in, and so on.

It's also been a great way to get to know everyone in the club more, and see different quirks come out. Jesse is so eager to watch any movie, he is excited about everything and up for anything. Even if he didn't like a particular film, he will still discuss it with a smile and keep an upbeat attitude about the next movie. Kyle is a warrior for sticking with the club despite our tendency to select movies that he doesn't particularly care much for. I began to think something was wrong, until he didn't even end up liking one of the movies that he picked. Kyle is very...selective. And Stephen.... Well, poor Stephen just has a knack for picking the movies that are, shall we say, slightly uncomfortable to watch in mixed company. It just makes the situation all the more humorous, and now I am just able to laugh through any awkward parts, because it's just inevitable with his picks. Stephen is the glue holding the group together, not only hosting the club at his house (where the giant TV lives), but keeping track of time changes, putting together our movie list, and whatever else it takes to make our Great Society of Movie Watchers happen every week.

And now-- a new feature of movie club! We've begun a blog where you can keep track of the movies we're watching and what everyone thought of each week's film. Click here to check it out! Hopefully this means weekly updates, so stick with us on the blog, and feel free to make any and all movie suggestions! I mean, we are slight fans of movies....

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Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Ging, could i possibly love you anymore?! my CQ made my day! :) we spent HOURS together on those little boogers. thanks for making me smile! i love you to pieces and miss your face!