Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tragically Sad (and Damaging) Childhood Movies

One of my favorite places in town is a little establishment known as “Hastings.” It’s a chain store, but not everywhere has a Hastings (say it isn’t so!), so I will just inform you that this magical land is a store that sells new and used books, CDs, and DVDs. And video games, I guess, but whatever. (I also hear they throw a mean prom-style “Twilight” release party, but sadly I was not able to witness this first hand.) Anyway, I credit a large chunk of my DVD collection to the used DVD deals I’ve found at Hastings (buy one used DVD and get another for $1! DUDE!). I go there way. Too. Much.

So I was at Hastings recently, and was wandering the aisles, absentmindedly half listening to the buzz of the local geniuses* that also frequent the store, and half listening to the movie playing in the background. I didn’t know what movie it was, but the voices were making me feel so sad. Finally my head swiveled from the special edition copy of “Sixteen Candles” that I was considering buying (didn’t happen, in case you were wondering) up to the rows of video screens on the wall. There it was, the root of the sadness: “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” Guys, I barely remember this movie, but just the sound of the voices alone was stirring memories and emotions in me and I was suddenly feeling so depressed. The little dogs! And the bad guys! And the little orphan girl! I ended up leaving the store empty-handed, feeling like I needed to just head home and have a good cry. I didn’t do that, but still—isn’t that crazy? That emotions from nearly 20 years ago can be stirred like that? I’m amazed at what our subconscious can hold on to.

Anyway, that got me thinking about some other sad childhood movies, so to follow-up on my post of scary childhood movies, I now present you with Tragically Sad (and Damaging) Childhood Movies.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

As long as we’re already talking about it, here’s the trailer for “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

But dude, don’t let it fool you, this movie is not filled with just “magic, mischief, and music.” My gosh you guys, this little girl absolutely breaks my heart! Even her voice makes my bottom lip wobble. The whole movie is on YouTube if you want to check it out, but I honestly don’t think I could ever watch this movie again.

The Rescuers

Y'all. Another little orphan girl:

She wants to be ‘dopted! How adorable is that? And they are just so horrible to her! It's awful. The worst part? That lady TOOK PENNY'S TEDDY BEAR! A thought that surely terrified me as a child. And THEN she had to go down in that hole just like Baby Jessica? Oh the trauma.

An American Tail

Surely you knew this movie would be included. As soon as you saw the title of this post, you thought to yourself, “Oh, well of course Fievel will be included.” And if you didn’t think that, may I please just direct you to the following clip?

I watched this song the other night and I hadn’t gotten past the words “pale moon light” before I burst into tears. By the end of the song I was absolutely sobbing. What is it about this song? My gosh. Really though, I remember the entire movie as being sad. He spent the whole time separated from his family?? Scared the ever-loving everything out of me, and thinking back on this movie just leaves me with a heavy heart. Terrible. Another movie I could never watch again.

This list could be longer, but I decided to refrain from including movies that have just one sad part but otherwise remember fondly, like “The Land Before Time” (His mother died! And the little TREE STAR!) or “Lady and the Tramp” (When Trusty gets run over! GAH!). Not to MENTION all the sad songs. But those movies don't completely depress me like the three mentioned above. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go curl up under my comforter now. With my teddy bear.

*True story, one time I overheard the following conversation at Hastings:

Joe Bob: (picking up a movie) What about this one?
Betty Raye: Oh, eck, no, I never got into those Lord of the Rings movies.
Joe Bob: (picking up another movie) Did you ever see this one?
Betty Raye: Oh, yeah! Now that's a good movie.

And what is this mystery movie that is SO much better than The Lord of the Rings?

Cruel. Intentions.

End scene.


Will Parris said...

Word! It's been a while, but Secret of Nimh & a little more on the grown up side, Dark Crystal. I watched the Dark Crystal a while back and remember loving it as a kid... I was honked up :) Great post!! Time to go rehash some scary childhood memories :)

Ginger said...

Fox and the Hound. Little Mermaid (she leaves her father in the end and her children will never even know him.) Never Ending Story (dead horse, no clear happy ending.) Flight of the Navigator (separation from parents yet again).

Katie said...

All Dogs Go to Heaven is completely tragic. I don't think I could ever watch it again, either.

At least The Rescuers picks up eventually. The cute little mice! The albatross! The happy ending!

Any movie involving Fievel is also intensely sad...and oh, I was scared Trusty wasn't going to make it. But fortunately, that one turned out all right, too.

dc said...

You mean your COMfutter.

All Dogs Go To Heaven is a sad movie for the ages. Seriously. HOW CAN THEY MARKET THAT CRAP TO INNOCENT CHILDREN?!

Lara said...

Oh my gosh, I did the same thing with All Dogs Go To Heaven recently. We showed it in my class and at the "Charlie, you can never come back.." part I got all choked up ad remember the chills it sent up my spine when I was a wee one. What is up with 80s and 90s kids movies being THE creepiest things ever?