Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And which is YOUR favorite god?

I guess I’ve just spent my entire life making lists. This one is from 7th grade….

Movie: Newsies
2nd Movie: Greace
3rd Movie: League of their Own
Color: Green
2nd Color: Black
Singing group: Beach Boys
2nd group: Newsboys
3rd group: Point of Grace
Book: And Condors Danced (I was far more enamored with the cover of this book than with its actual contents… And seriously, that's the best picture of the cover I could find!)
Food: Steak
Holiday: Christmas
Cousin: Shane
2nd Cousin: Hilary (Apologies to those cousins that actually read this blog… Love you, Shanni!)
Teacher: Mr. Kruse
Friend: Ashley
2nd Friend: Anna
3rd Friend: Charran
4th Friend: Margaret
5th Friend: Todd (Sorry, Margaret and Todd! Better work harder next time…)
Day: Saturday
2nd Day: Friday
Month: December
Season: Winter (I don't remember winter EVER being my favorite! Where did this come from??)
Candy: Milky Way
Reseraunt: Black-eyed Pea (pretty prophetic, considering I ended up waitressing there in college…)
Fast Food: McDonelds
Number: 13
Letter: V
Subject: Choir (aka the only class that didn't assign homework...)
President: Teddy Roosevelt
Animal: white tigers (so classy, Val...)
Ft. ball team: Dolphins
B. ball team: Rangers
Sport: Soccer
Soda: Coca Cola
God: Jesus, God
State: Texas
2nd State: Colorado
My modo is: Don’t Mess with Jesus (Completely original and not at all ripped off of a t-shirt I used to wear…)


Ginger said...

President: Teddy Roosevelt
Animal: white tigers (so classy, Val...)
Ft. ball team: Dolphins

This was my favorite segment. Why T-Ro? Because of your Bear? Because he had asthma? Did you write a paper on him in 4th grade? Was it because he carried a big stick?

The only other person who likes white tigers is Trista, and we know where that got her... married to Ryan.

Dolphins... was this because you found Dan Marino to be oh so super dreamy? (Sick.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the God part, too. LOL


Katie said...

Hilarious. And some things don't change (re: Newsies and A League of Their Own).

Stevox said...

Shall we gather at the river of forgiveness?

dc said...

I'm glad that God is your favorite God. Also, relieved to know that Point of Grace made it in the top three. Where would our Jr High Dreams of Stardom have been without them?

shannonmichaelis said...

what? i am not even on the B team? we're done!

Lara said...

Favorite letter V? How biased!