Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Straight up now tell me.

I found a gold mine tonight.  My tape library. I received my first cd player in 1995, so almost everything listed is probably from about '90 to '95.  Let's see what gems this treasure trove holds.

Eagles: One of these Nights (What every 4th grader wants for Christmas.)

Maverick: The Soundtrack (I purchased this with my own money in 6th grade.  Point of pride.)

Evita: The Soundtrack (The Madonna Edition.  No excuses.)

Big Time Recording Studios: Memory (A recording from Six Flags of me singing the hit from Cats.  It's as bad as you might guess.)

The next genre of tapes is my collection of "Studio Series Background Tracks". (For singing the offertory, of course.)

Go Light Your World by Kathy Troccoli (Way too low for my range, or the range of most women.)
Jesus Is The Answer by Point of Grace
Lamb of God by Twila Paris
How Beautiful by Twila Paris (Twila, Twila, Twila.)
Joy To The World by Anointed (Because I of ALL people should be singing stuff by Anointed)

And the tapes to which I could probably still sing every lyric if required:
Point of Grace: The Whole Truth
Susan Ashton, Margaret Becker, Christine Dente: Along the Road
Songs from the Loft (With just about every Christian Artist living in Nashville in 1993.)
Susan Ashton: Self Titled Release (Wanted to be her.  First and only fan letter ever written because of this tape.)
Michael W. Smith: The First Decade (Go West Young Man, Place in this World, Friends...)
Amy Grant: The Collection (First tape I ever owned that was not a blue singing songbook)
Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl (Second tape ever.  Straight Up was my favorite track)

Not sure if there's even a fraction of the population that would be able to identify with this "eclectic" mix of private school early 90's jams.  If that's the case, you are more than likely my sister (only instead of the Eagles you received Neil Diamond) or my cousin who lived by anything produced by Word Music (Michael W. Smith poster and all.)

Oh, one last thing.  Who jacked my Cindy Morgan tape?


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

love it. love it. love it.

hootenannie said...

You could probably already guess this - but I identify with this. This post, this tape library, this obsession with early 90's CCM.

True story - last night, I was running with my iPod on shuffle. Up popped POG's "Dying to Reach You." And memories of the many, many, MANY POG offertories came flooding back.

I sang the offertory all the freaking time. And it was always, ALWAYS POG.

Amy Grant "The Collection"
Ashton Becker Dente "Along the Road"

Every word, people. Every single word.

Katie said...

I could still sing dozens of POG songs from memory - our youth choir did a whole POG musical one year. And yes, I had Michael W. Smith: The First Decade. My CCM tapes were mixed in with a bit of country, but oh, I hear ya, sister. Go light your world... :)

Valerie said...

1. "Maverick" is a classic in its own right.
2. I do not have your Cindy Morgan tape. I think....
3. I used to think of Amy Grant as the Christian version of Paula Abdul.
4. Hey baby! Just remember I'm forever your girl!

dc said...

Totally wrote Susan Ashton a letter. Totally had dreams of being her. No lie.