Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is It Possible To Be EXCITED To Death?

I have been running around practically non-stop like a CRAZY person for the past 3ish days in an attempt to get ready to fly to NASHVILLE tomorrow! I mean, seriously-- crazy. I had Dani on the phone last night as I was walking into Kohls, whispering worriedly that I looked like a complete mental case walking around at 9:00 at night in laundry-day clothes and purple flats talking on the phone in a nearly empty store. AWKWARD. But that's been the story of my life lately, non-stop doing and especially SHOPPING.

Here's a fun shopping story: I tried on clothes at a certain store and when I was about to leave the dressing room I realized one of my earrings had popped off! I looked around my little area as best I could, then shrugged because Eh. In the grand scheme of Val's earrings, these... were not uber special. I get to the NEXT store and again enter a dressing room try on clothes, where I found my missing earring! Twilight Zone, right? Well I will let you venture your guess as to where it was, but first you have to read the rest of this crazy blog entry....

Because the point of all this? Is-- no, Julie. Not to make more records.

The point is tomorrow.

Because tomorrow? This:

(This video was taken the day we got to California in January. The song is "Fly By," which used to be OUR SONG. Too much fun.)

I'M TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I get to go to Tennessee and be reunited with my ROOMMATES again! It's been WAY too long. Dani's wedding, in fact!

This time? This time we stand with our dear Julie, who so deserves this happy ending (and happy beginning!) with Todd, an awesome guy who is into Glee, which definitely makes him a winner in my book!

ALSO? I get to see my Pal Joey.

Also? I get to see the blog goddess herself, Miss Annie P.

I mean...can you even imagine?? Because I sure can't.

Okay, this needs to be all for now! Seriously. The bed? I need to get in it. And see if I can sleep. I don't know HOW though! I'M TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

But first! The thrilling conclusion to The Case of the Missing Earring! When we last left our story, my earring escaped its earlobe home and reunited with me in a completely different store thirty minutes later. How did it come to be there?

Well, if you guessed that it would later be found INSIDE MY BRA, then congratulations. You win! Also: you're super creepy. Why were you thinking about my bra??

The End.


hootenannie said...

I GUESSED *IN YOUR BRA*!!!!!!!!!!!

I did.

As I told Joey the other day, I might be depressed, but I'm not dead yet. So get ready for the most rockin' version of myself I can muster... which for you, will be somewhere in between Journey and Queen. CAN'T WAIT!

Valerie said...

Somehow I knew if anyone guessed it, it would most definitely be YOU! I mean, you DO have all the good bra stories, so surely you would guess mine. :)

See you soooon!!!

dc said...

You make me smile.