Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rose is displeased. What to do?

So... I couldn't resist. We didn't use all of the footage from when Val came out to visit over Labor Day. I put some more together and I would really like to consider this a study in Valerie's facial expressions... especially her eyes when it comes to her displeasure. Keep an eye out for them. The eyes have it. That's how she rolls... (stopping now.)

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Valerie said...

Oh my everything this is the BEST title for a blog in the history of ALL TIME EVERYTHING HANDS DOWN. That just made my morning.

theamaros said...

1) Now I feel like I know Valerie.
2) That is EXACTLY how it will be when you're 80.
3) The Chorus Line reference made me laugh. My sister and I re-define "Broadway Nerds". Once (I kid you not) we developed an entire Canasta Cheating System derived entirely of humming fractions of broadway songs. Oh but yes. And we still lost.

dc said...

Way to roll, V-baby. Way to roll.

I love you guys.